How do you route your people?

For those of you sending off people on their own, do you print off directions from the web or just give them a map and work orders and tell them what order to do the houses/businesses in?


As of right now thats what i do.Of course as mentioned eventually GPS will be replacing the old thomas guides!

[COLOR=Blue]My software has the ability to route with a map but I am thinking about buying GPS as well. I haven’t made the commitment yet because I just don’t want another thing for the crew to keep up with and I can just imagine them bringing a broken unit to me with coffee stains all over it saying “I don’t know why it quit.” Anyway I’m not ready for that.

I am looking into a GPS tracking service though that will give me all kinds of reports on vehicle location, speed, time stationary, etc… It can even bump me an e-mail if the vehicle speeds excessively.[/COLOR]

I send my crews out with thomas guides. Print out the invoices in the morning with always our 9am and another for whatever approx time.
I am real interested in those gps tracking services. Ive read up on them a bit. I may try something like that maybe this summer.

Everybody meets at our shop in the AM. We used to print directions, from Mappoint linked to CEO. Early this year I saw these garmin Gps units on sale for like a $125 each, I bought one for every truck. Best move I made getting those. The mappoint directions were kinda of outdated crews would call in all day asking for other directions because they were lost. Not anymore the GPS units just work, big time saver on both ends.


What model did you buy? Do your people keep them in the trucks at night or turn them in to the office? I am thinking of getting the GPS (Garmin StreetPilot i2-R) for my people but worried about them getting damaged.



Hey Steve sorry I miss spoke we have the Magellan Road Mate 2000’s. I know when I got them they were $125 from staples… I just checked now and couldn’t find them any cheaper than the low 200’s I think amazon was the cheapest.

We keep them in the trucks at night. I think I feel safer with them there as opposed to all the unhooking and re hooking them up every morning and night.

You guys are smart. I use a simple map, or have my guy look up the addresses the night before on

[COLOR=Blue]I haven’t bought the GPS for the trucks yet but that is definitely the route (no pun intended) that I am going to take. It just makes sense to equip people with navigation tools that save time.[/COLOR]

Kinda wanted to give this a bump, for the new guys, so that others might be able to fix the same issues. I recently bought a Magellan Maestro for $150 at Best Buy. It has been the most awesome piece of equipment in the vehicle. Most of my guys are directionally challenged for one reason or another, but this device is saving me time and money. You all should look into this if you don’t currently have a system in place.

I got a TomTom One recently because I was using three different maps to find different homes in my service area. They were $149 at WalMart and it’s one of the best investments I’ve made this year.