How do you treat YOUR employees?

I ask this question because Bill and I are often told that we treat our employees too Well. We are told that we overpay our employees, we give them TOO much respect and that we shouldn’t care so much about them because they are easily replaced.
Whats the benefit of treating your employees well? I will tell you since it has been in MY face all season long. Our customers have been SENDING thank you cards and also calling me to compliment OUR EMPLOYEES. Yes I said our employees, not the window cleaning job as there generally is no mention of windows but our employees. They are so blown away at how respectful and professional they ALL are.
So, I have to tell you that the benefit of treating an employee well is that in turn the employee will treat your customers well.
People don’t always remember a good service, but they NEVER forget bad service.
So I ask…How do YOU treat your employees?

Great point, Linda.

Keep up the good (employer) work!

Im in the same boat as you guys,as long as there worth there salt;) I’ve been told by several other owners i treat them too well,i’ve also been told by many my guys have there act wired tight & are trained efficiently! I’ve cut back in my graciousness in some area’s but…it’s still Starbucks daily,lunches when they kick A$$ and i can always have piece of mind when i go out of town for business or pleasure…that things are “handled”

Plus…Vacation pay,Holiday pay and advances if there in a pinch.

The way i look at it (only those of us who have employee’s) can really appreciate this is…“good employee’s dont cost they…pay”

Your a wise man Craig!!

It’s cheaper to keep quality employees than to keep training new employees. And the better you treat them, the less they can be seduced by a few more cents an hour somewhere else. You train them. You keep them.

I always treat my employees better than my competitors treat theirs…Training is too expensive.

I learned many, many years ago in the janitorial business…You need your employees more than they need you. A minimum wage/low wage employee will find another cleaning job tomorrow…can you find another cleaner tomorrow?

Also, never discipline an employee at the start of their shift, unless you want to clean the building…:wink:

Thats a good philosophy Bumblebee.

Thats correct! You punish the a$$ at shift’s end:D

I bet Linda doesn’t consider her employees asses even if they require discipline.

That’s because Bill does the dirty work. I would work all night by myself rather then hold my tung and I have done it. Especially if I am going to fire someone I can’t take a chance they will steal.

I wasn’t referring to them as “Asses” i was talking about the Hiney giving it punishment,of course in a joking manner;)

Bill and Linda actually treat there employees pretty great… Alex and I keep trying to get them to let us come to job sites with them and stand there and just watch them with our arms crossed… They haven’t taken us up on that yet.

But seriously there like family… On mornings weve been at there house… the guys come right in the house like there family.

Are you & Alex in to the good cop/bad cop routine? I can just see you Chris - “come in mate, have a cuppa, how ya feeling dude.” Then Alex comes round the corner with a machete screaming…

Thats just about right except… Im always the bad cop…

Do i hear the infamous “Psycho Music” in the back ground??:eek:

My bad! That’s the problem with reading text on a screen…

'Course I was joking, too.

No worries…i knew that! Maybe i should have been better at defining myself? Maybe i need some “llaczko lessons” on proper verb-age on bringing my point across:D

I think it was the dollar signs that threw me.

But I’m always the one yelling “FIRE THEM ALL!”

I actually hate firing people… most of the time.

Aw…Alex your a sweety;)