How do you turn down a difficult client?

Coming from a medical and customer service background… if someone’s being a dink or they are mad at you about something, just be nice and FIRM.
“I’m so sorry we weren’t able to resolve this for you today. If you have additional questions or concerns, please feel free to call us back at a later time but unfortunately theres nothing more i can do for you at this time. I hope you have a wonderful day.” Click. Done. bye. I’ve sat through many phone conversations with patients who just DONT want to get off the phone. It’s the same thing really. They want to know they have the possibility of revisiting the issue at a later date (even if they never do), they want you to apologize (even if they dont deserve it) and they need you to initiate the hang up (even if they dont want it).


It is very simple i price the job way above what anyone would charge.This has backfired as some are desperate if they’re having an event of some kind in the house.In those cases i ve taken on the job but insist that they don’t need to be at home for the job to be done and if they are at home i be ridiculously overly nice as it drives them nuts that they can’t complain about anything.I apply that method on the phone as well or in a face to face situation with a neighbour of a customer that you know is a complete dick.

That’s my policy. Price it high. Make it high enough that you’ll accept the BS you know is going to come with it.

Then again, hopefully they pay even though they’re a d-bag. haha

I mean I think the best way to get out of it is by saying something along the lines of “Well unfortunately ma’am or sir, we won’t be able to service you.” Listen to what they have to say and then just hang up or maybe they’ll behave from then on.