How do you use your iPad/tablet for business?

I was wondering how you guys utilize your iPads/tablets for use in the mobile window cleaning office that is our work trucks.

I want to incorporate an iPad into a functioning part of my business. So what do you all use yours for?

Mike Radzik
Pro Window Cleaning
Central Massachusetts
Pro Window Cleaning in Worcester, Ma
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I have a keyboard for mine so I just use it like a mini lap top. Proposal, customer factor, credit card payments, scheduling etc.

Robbie Hanson
A Glass Act Window Cleaning
Henderson, Nevada

It holds papers down, so they don’t blow away, while I use my laptop or phone.

That’s not a joke. I’m trying, but just cant ever get it to sit right.

which program you use for scheduling ?

Customer Factor

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I started using Invoice2go a few years back for estimates and invoices, syncs with my PC and iPhone. Also Numbers works the way Excel should… So easy! Pages, works awesome as well.

I got tired of hot spotting my phone for it and went with LTE version, since then I actually use it even more than before.

iPad is just one of those tools that you have to use it enough to get comfortable. You’ll find more and more uses for it each day. BTW, congrats on the new iPad!

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