How does a turn down in the economy affect your residential business?

When people pull back on their spending, how has it affected your residential business in the past? How much is your business down or up from 2007 and what do you expect to happen as our economy continues to slow.

I have not noticed anything… yet

expect to concentrate on your marketing…what else

We are up this year. A down economy can be great a great business building time.

My main service area is a university town. As such the economy is maintained by the universtiy and it never really slows down. My main customer base is upper middle class to well to do. These people have an image they like to project and as such they keep the service industry around here nice and healthy.

I sold a job today that said she lost a ridiculous amount of $$$ yesterday in the market and then thought the $800 I was charging for her house might be a little low:D

I was thinking the other day, is there anyone on here who went through the recession of the late 70’s, if so how did that affect your business then?

It’s only the end of my second ‘warm’ season in business, so my report may not mean much on this bb. Things slowed down a bit in August. According to other service guys in our area, this wasn’t the economy. It’s typical. Now I’m booked two and a half weeks out and the phone is ringing every day. I offer diversified services. Some I advertise and some I do not, but overall I’m having to do less advertising than this time last year and things seem to be growing. I can only pray it continues and work like its going to be a fight all the way until it warms up again. I’m looking at hiring some help at least part time, and for the first time, into November.


I definitely feel things are slowing up, over here in Oz. Dont have any figures yet, however August & September have been quiet .

The comparison to the 70s era is not going to match up to how our society is now. We are money spending freaks (which is why we imploded).

If we go through a depression again it will be different and much harder for us to deal with. I really do not feel it will go that far, than again I own a window cleaning company what do I know. :slight_smile:

I only know that I have not lost business because of it yet

I would like to thank all of you for your feedback.