How hot is to hot

Newbie here. I have a quick question. I have no problem working in the heat (112 + in az today) i am wondering if it is ever to hot to clean windows. People have ask me if the windows will crack. I dont know I’m thinking they wont. Thx for the help.

Too hot for the windows or for you
The windows must be blazing hot hot hot and your water/solution freezing ice cold to even fathom the idea of thermo shock cracking.
I know of a person who puts ice in his bucket during the dog days of south texas summer ( 110 plus daily)
No problems for him.
As far as for you that’s up to you. Lots of water needed.
And as you age(or mature as I like to say) it does get harder to bear the heat. Just gotta work smarter not harder

@ JIM … You should not have a problem with the glass unless possibly there is already a fracture in it. As hot as it gets here in Az i have not cracked a pane yet due to me putting water on it. Between now and the end of summer i will start on the East side in the morning as the pane is not as hot and the sun is not beating down on you as bad also.Sometimes you can’t do nothing about it especially if it is your 2nd or 3rd house for the day or if the customer wants you to show up at high noon.
It will for sure take a lot of water and if you do not have the fanning down it will make it tough as i will get scrub the window with a lot of water then fan and follow my strip washer with the other hand.
I have cleaned glass by the time you use your strip washer the water has dissipated … You will see the steam come off that glass.
If you are doing the pull method you may leave streaks.
Good luck my friend

Thanks guys. The heat isn’t a problem for me since in be in the hvac field for the last 11 years. Thx again

You can WFP in 112 with no problem. Just stand below the spray to cool off.

I wouldn’t suggest doing that unless you’re not using pure water. Pure water has the tendency to dry out your skin and is not good for cooling off. Believe me I’ve tried and in the end just made it worse. Your best friend for hot weather is water, clean cold water. And drink. The last thing you want is to be up on a ladder or on a roof and have a heat attack. Also for those who may not know, don’t go drinking your pure water either. It’s not good for you.

Thanks dr" phil . Lol

Don’t ya mean “dr. Oz”?