How I count Windows

For those that are new to the biz and want to see one way to count windows, I just updated my estimate page on my web site. I’ve been meaning to do this for a while and well…yesterday was a snow day so…

Besides pane count, I also inquire what type of house it is, are there any storm windows, any obstacles to contend with, etc?

I have my per pane price but I’ll tack on extra charges for hard to access glass, storm window sets and any additional work the customer needs done.

Feel free to steal any wording form this web page but not the image, please. :wink:

Looks good Mark, you use dreamweaver? I need to catch a rainy day here soon to update my estimate page. In fact, my whole site needs a facelift

Looks Good Mark,
so you took your individual window pics down. I think you might want to look at adding in the info on faux French and real French info. eg, frames inside and one piece of glass outside. Real French, each pane has individual frames, kinda like. Also add in the storm window covering removal issue.

sorry, sick for last two days, hopefully that is clear

Yes Dreamweaver. :wink:

Well Ed, I do say “piece of glass framed on all sides count as one.” Several faux divided Frenchies would still be one pc of glass framed on all sides right?

I do ask about storms and always tell them that the quote for those are based on whether they are able to be taken apart and put back properly (some older ones have issues or may be painted shut). And I do mention on that page that I charge extra for those.

I took down the pics of different window styles because many people weren’t using it as a guide and ended up getting the count wrong over and over. I just wanted to come up with something simple. We’ll see how it works for next spring.

is Dreamweaver easy to use? if not is there any classes on how to use it?

Hey Mark the site is looking tight!

I like your window counting diagram.

Doug Dream Weaver Rules!! I actually had it as part of mac adobe CS3 and finally just starting using it a few months ago. I ended up building like 10 websites with in one week with it… Its got a bit of a learning curve. But there is a video for anything you want to use for it on youtube. There are also a comprehensive video series on the adobe site.

Innovative thinking with the ‘actual example’ of the fake house.

Great idea, Mark.

So Mark, do you find that the big and little panes offset each other price wise? I usually add to the pane count when dealing w/ larger windows.

Yes Tony. Provided that access to glass isn’t an issue, a larger pane for me takes seconds more to do. (usually) If a larger pane requires 2 ladder placements to complete, that would be an ‘issue’ to a certain degree. I also don’t advertise or discuss with my customers my ‘pane price’. If they ask about how I come to a price I tell them I average it out by number of panes + any additional work (if applicable) usually takes around X amount of time. So I charge accordingly.

Beautiful view, Beautiful site!

Thanks :wink:

:)I’ve done the same thing by combining house type and pane count. Although this system generates $85/hr for an experienced cleaner I will be doing some serious revamping before spring-I want to make more money. This year I’m going to focus more on improving my company’s image and marketing and less on cleaning windows.

1 story exterior (up to 25 panes) $79
2 story exterior (up to 35 panes) $99
3 story exterior (up to 45 panes) $119

1 story in/out (up to 25 panes) $129
2 story in/out (up to 35 panes) $179
3 story in/out (up to 45 panes) $229

It works out to around $5/pane in/out. Anything over 6’ I charge $10/pane.

I give screens a free wipedown or charge $5/each to take outside and soap/hose off. Tracks and sills are given a quick detail (I do not use a toothbrush), I don’t clean crank out tracks unless they’re already open.

I was thinking of upgrading my service to include thorough track/screen cleaning and charging much more. I’d like to be pulling in as much as Kevin, He charges twice as much as my company, and as a consumer I would be willing to pay him that much. Check out his site:

However, the challenge with significant price hiking is reducing the alienation of my previous customers. Maybe I’ll send out free gift certificates. Any ideas ? Feel free to rip apart my system.