How long should this home take with 2 workers?

Well darn! I’m a “new user” and can only share 1 photo. Ugh…

So, it is 4 - 2 pane windows (no screens), 30 - flats, 10 - small garage windows, and a leaded glass entry with leaded glass transom, doors, and sidelights

TRAD - 2 workers - Exterior only - plus the 6 electric lamps

An hour

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Waterfed pole the top?

Traditional the whole thing, clean the lights… should take one person 2 hours tops, 2 guys/1 hour

Thanks. Took my 2 workers 3-1/2 hours… and I did the garage windows. That is not including the drive time, which also included a trip to McDonalds and a gas station. I am desperately in need of a couple of people who want to work. This is killing me!

Depending on your price this could be profitable… $600 job?

Did they do it with no ladders? I think trad poling for residential windows takes longer to get right. 3 1/2 hours is not a deal breaker if you charged correctly.

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No. They used ladders.

No. Long time customer of my late husband… $473

Kim Shannon

oh man, I’m sorry about your husband

a lot of times its about all the hot tips in the custfile, techs on a job for the first time have to learn what to do approach wise. many times it takes the same person/team doing a job 3 times to dial in all the efficiencies. a job can go from deadbeat to killer profitable with all the efficiencies in place. having a log of those helps a first timer achieve near that time the first time there. (ex: park here, pull hose to this point, then pull to this point, do this inside first, person 1 does this while person 2 does this, do this method with the screens, use this wpole brush, etc etc it all adds up to a great time once learned, it’s one of the few the leverages we have)

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Thanks! They worked with my husband for over a year and he always complained about how slow they were. They have worked with me for a year and 5 months. Sometimes they are faster…

Kim Shannon

Paying hourly or commission? Some people do much better on commission. You do need systems in place to make sure they don’t get sloppy, though.


I second waht @Infinity said.
Two guys inside and out 1-1.5 hrs.
I thinks that’s a fair price.

i use tcf to assign a pay rate per hour which is low
i also assign a commission rate (different depending on how many workers).
staff are garanteed $xx per hour but if they do the job faster and the customers are happy they get the difference as bonus

example $100 job =$20 @20% labour allowance
hourly rate $12 job done in one hour customer very happy
staff paid 12 later they receive $8 bonus

dm me if you want to discuss


Kim Shannon