How low will they go


what a good deal! I’ll bet they break your stuff at no extra charge.

That is so insane. Who would gamble on using a company like that?? Do you think they actually have insurance or proper equipment?

Its laughable

it says to ask for Laura or Kelly, probably two high school kids with windex and paper towels, doing a school project on how to frustrate real professional window cleaners!

Thats the lowest pricing ive seen in a while. I let a guy go last year and hes doing fliers in a few of the areas I work in. $50.00 fo 20 windows in & out- schedule gutters at the same time and get 50% off gutter cleaning. Damn, he’s making less than when he was working for me! People in general are afraid of too good of a deal. Would you take your 2008 Cadillac Escalade to Maaco for a paint job if it got a little scratch in the fender? Dont think so. I know I definately wouldnt. These folks come and they go.

If they had a higher charge for calling i.e. time spent on the phone - maybe it could be profitable. They do that here although its illegal. I think that was a con in the UK a while back with pre-fixed 0898 numbers, before the general public caught on.

It seems they would make more just working for somebody.

We here in So. California have a few of those companies charging silly low prices,it’s got to make you wonder?

For one there profit margin is minimal at best then…if there truly “legit” work comp,matching taxes etc. there definitely operating in the red.That’s not even taken into consideration the other portions of “Overhead”

All those so-called deals…somewhere along the line they are CUTTING corners.

I saw a ‘telephone pole’ ad this morning - in one of the wealthier areas of Toronto - from a legitimate competitor who’s been around for years, offering exterior window cleaning for $50.

No fly-by-night operation. And the $50 price not presented as ‘first-time-only’ or anything like that, either.


Foolish business-building mistake by a real company.

No wonder when I quoted $110 for the exteriors on a bungalow I got an earful about how the last guy charged $35. I actually lowered the price because she was a senior and her house had seen better days.

A $50.00 deal has to have some disclaimers or your gonna shoot yourself in the foot for sure! French panes, storms, 2 & 3 story glass. These are additional prices in my quoting procedure. I wish I were in the position to meet with them to discuss doing a 4 story project. Watch them shake in their shoes:D Wadda ya mean you cant do my 20 windows for $50.00 on the 3rd story? There is no disclaimer on here about that. Are you false advertising? It would be fun to do.

that is not a business building technique, that is survival fear

I am amazed at “established” companies bottoming out. It is happening here at an alarming rate and I don’t know why.

Prospects are still calling and still paying on my end (finally… it has been a LONG winter) In fact I have raised my rates!

I know what to do, Kevin knows what to do and Chris knows what to do. Along with many other high quality companies on here…

We market ourselves better!

I have never seen a company go into the low price abyss and return…

We market ourselves better!

Amen, man.

Like one I saw 2 weeks ago stating that their prices are lower than last year. Just dumb! …or desperate. It’s spring, peak season, test the market, don’t give it away.

Perhaps even that was a marketing ploy to attract new customers (but with non-lower prices.)

What do you call that bait and switch?


Classic and annoying method. Sometimes works, though.

“Drive away in a Cadillac for free! Actually…its a Chevette…but thanks for calling, would you like to hear our other specials?”

[I]Last years price was $100

This year we’ll scrub those windows for $60.

If you want us to squeegee off the excess water and loosened dirt add $50.

If you want us to detail with a towel add another $40.

If you want my guy Fred not to put his ladder through your living room window like last year…well, you better sit down sir while I add this up.

Or I can take $20 off the bill if you refer me to 5 of your friends.[/I]


Add this guy to the list. Not in Toronto, but pretty close.

When you get a job with some storms, call these gals up and sub it out.