How Many Fifth Graders Can You Beat Up?


1-5. I’m a wuss I guess… I’m too busy eating bacon to fight.

but wear a jock first, they are at that level…

21-30 Guess Chris is just tougher. I am older though maybe I’m just mellowing w/ age.:slight_smile:

No I fibbed some of the questions to beat Alex…


Damn fifth graders better watch out!! Ha!

Soooo, getting lots done in the office these days…:wink:

“Your a Beast.You have a abnormal fighting ability.Most of your fights were caused and finished by you.I am surprised if you even lost a fight.You probably will beat up alot of fifth graders in your sleep.There probably be no more fifth graders for you to fight.YOU WILL NOT LOSE.”

too funny

21-30 there going down…

21-30 although thats probably not true, have you seen the size of those kids these days