How many handles fit a Liquidator channel?


Can you use Ettore Handle and Ettore rubber with this .

The standard Ettore handles shouldn’t be an issue but having followed this from the beginning the channel is optimised to the max for the Moerman rubber. No doubt Ettore would work (I’m hoping the Facelift Red will work, I’ve got a truckload of it) but how well? Would need to be tried.

At the event in Phoenix, I took it apart and tried it on the ettore handles, it fit not like a glove but if you play with the tension on the quick release handles it fit.

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I’m hoping the Ettore rubber does work, I have a gross pack that’s barely touched and having to buy more rubber would be a bummer

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I’m jealous you have a lot of facelift rubbers, that’s my favorite rubber hands down for everything and I’m all out

Mike Radzik
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From my understanding any standard rubber will fit but you’ll have to pre cut the angles to match. The moerman rubber will be available in pre cut (and angled to match the channel).

I couldn’t see the video…will it fit the unger ninja handles?

No for the Ninja handle.

Moerman - yes
Unger Ergotec - yes
Pulex Technolite - yes
Wagtail slimline handle - yes
Ettore - yes but not perfect from what I hear so far.

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That kinda of a bummer. Well i got some other handles it will fit into, so i guess I’m still looking forward to it!

It’s profile is along the line of a standard channel, not a wide body like Ninja, Sorbo, Slayer, etc. Maybe you can ‘mod’ it?

Ettore handles do not grip the rubber like Unger handles, they use clips on the end instead. Do the end caps on a Moerman Liquidator grip the rubber? If they don’t how is an Ettore handle going to work. All I use is Ettore.

I’m going from what I heard. I believe someone here tried it with an Ettore handle tab the show in Arizona and said it sorta worked. I guess we all need to wait a bit and see.

Non of the other handles mentioned above use clips, right?
Unger Ergotec
Pulex Technolite
Wagtail slimline handle

correct, except Wagtail slimline uses a centre screw.

I’ve discarded the screw on all my Wagtail Slimline/PC discs. I just punch a dent in the back of the channel the same as Wagtail does with the Widebody Combi’s…probably be able to do the same with the Moerman Channel…

This might help confirm that Ettore handles won’t be a perfect match without some diy tweaking I think.


I wish the tips on those channels were black.

Everyone has been talking a lot about the Moerman channels, but I haven’t heard much chatter about the Moerman handles. In the videos I’ve seen what looks like a knob/switch/lever thingy on the side, so I was wondering if it is adjustable from 0 to 30 degrees the way the Vileda handles are. It would be awesome if a manufacturer would produce a handle with indents so that it could be used at 0 or 15 or 30 degrees. Sort of 3 handles in one. Can anybody shed more light on the Moerman handles?

I just had a visit with a Moerman rep and played with the new squeegee. The handle will swivel (like an Unger swivel loc) and it will also lock into a zero° squeegee as well.