How many of you are cleaning out tracks for free?

Track cleaning takes a good chunk of time if they are filthy and some people want them spotless. I used to throw the tracks in with the window cleaning but it’s time to be realistic. Does anyone have any great quick methods for track cleaning besides a screwdriver and a rag?

I factor the price of cleaning the tracks into the window rate. I don’t go completely crazy to get every last speck of dirt or whatever, but I do a pretty thorough job just the same. The track brush sold in the WCR store is great for initial dry detail. And I have found the screwdriver and rag to actually be a fairly effective and quick way to go beyond just hand wiping.

We charge for it but dont get them white glove clean unless they want to pay extra for it. Most people are fine with a thorough but quick detailing of the tracks.

I include brushing with a stiff-bristled grout brush and vacuuming with a cordless wet/dry vacuum into my standard service for window cleaning. In addition, I give the track and bottom of the bottom sash a thorough wipe with a cheapo Costco microfiber cloth, since water tends to collect after WFP’ing the exterior.

Beyond that, I charge $2-5 per opening. The typical customer for the additional charge is sale preparation.

Standard service is a wipe down, additional service is a detail. If they want them spotless it will cost them money. It is an upsell

Tracks are included with the price should they choose they want the interiors done. I use a brush and a damp surgical towel. That pretty much does the job. I am not concerned about being fast, to me its about the end result. The HO is paying for value and that’s what they get.

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I figure it into the window price. People in my area expect it to be included

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Never free. We just include it in our price as part of the package.

I include it. It’s built into my pricing, and I follow a system similar to llaczko, but using the track brush available here, a vacuum, and then a wipe with a damp towel. Makes it look pretty darn good, in less than a minute. In the past my customers were always asking me if I included it, so I just started always saying “yes”, but upped my price a little. They don’t care though - for the customer it means peace of mind. One less detail they have to worry about, which is worth paying for. Plus, I think it gives the impression that I’m not just looking for the fastest way out of their home, check in hand. It tells them that I understand what they want, and I’ll take the time to satisfy them. It adds value to my service, and I earn more as a result.

We had large wild fires here in 2007 and people who have not had window cleaning in a few years which is the case many times have junk to the hilts in them, that is extra. Companies usually quote for just the windows and then upsell it

Never thought I’d do this…talk about my sales techniques or methods, but here goes nothing. Whenever I sell an exterior only job I make sure to upsell screens as well. This technique pretty much doubles up on the revenue for the job - with the screens I throw in the tracks, but since the water-jet is already screwed to the tap outside, I just do a quick walk around the house after the screens are off and spray off the windows and spray the tracks out. This makes the tracks white as a ghost and crispy-clean as well as getting most of the heavy dirt off the glass as to make the t-bar and washer-cover get the job done a thousand times easier. Bottom line is: if the hose/water-jet is already out, a quick walk around spraying off glass and spraying out tracks literally takes no more than 2 minutes. Even if you don’t do screens, a quick 1/2 of exterior price upsell to spray out tracks and some “trim and cobwebs” is 1/2 more money for an extra 15-20 minutes of time on that particular job. Just my thoughts on how I do it.

It also helps that the majority of the dirt collects within the track so the opportunity to show the customer how filthy things are in there really helps to get the whole house job - at least the screens and tracks. Just a thought.

I also include the tracks in my bid but It seems as if my pricing which is pretty reasonable gets under bid by some companys out there.

Anyone think it a good idea to lower my bid and exclude the tracks? Some customers dont think to ask about tracks so maybe I should just not plan on doing them anyway and increase my chance at winning the bid with a lower price. If customer ask about the tracks then I would up the price.

I do alot of bidding for renters who are moving out and im pretty sure that these type of customer are looking for the cheapest deal out there.

anyone have anything against this type of strategy? giving the lowest bid just to get in the door, and then upsell after ward.

I think most of us use this technique as we all at some point realized how easy and fast it was to spray the outside tracks down with a water hose, especially if you are a power washer you do this on a daily basis. However this does not solve the problem of cleaning the inside tracks.

What would really be beneficial is if there was a spray bottle that we could carry that holds enough water (maybe 1-3 gallons) and could put out enough volume and psi to clean the tracks no matter where the window is located. Being mobile in this manner
would be easier in places that the water hose cant reach (2nd or 3rd story homes). I have tried this with every spray bottle/pump sprayer on the market but those dont put out enough volume to be very effective.

Yeah I include into the price…i like to take my damp rag and throw it over my small 12’ squeegee and hit up the tracks and sills it get the cracks pretty decently it all depends on the conditiob of the window as well. If the tracks were never cleaned during post construction clean up then tell the customer that they will have to pay more $ for more work.

I am. I consider it part of the window.