How Many Of You Would Use A Direct Mail Marketing Service

Now is the time to do it. A direct mail service who can mail out exclusively to your target demographic. Anyone interested?

I am not sure what you are asking

Do you offer this service?

Until I know this would not conflict with Chris’ plans for his printing company I can not answer your question. I pm’ed him after being told this might be something he is looking into.

Chris gave me the go ahead so in answer to your question; Yes i do. Everything is all set and ready to go. Whoever wants to take advantage of this direct mail service specifically targeted to your demographic please let me know and lets get the process started, it’s almost spring!!

For a 5.5x8 postcard with printing, labels and postage you will be looking at 40 cents each (there are some other factors that will have to be figured out but for the most part that is what you will be looking at).

Once Chris is up and running with his printing company we will hopefully be using him exclusively for our service especially for all of you on WCR.

Send me your questions and what you would like to do.

sounds like a good deal. How do you come up with the addresses?

I have a company who breaks down mail routes by demographic. All I need from you are the zip codes of the towns you are looking to target and I can break down the demographic.
Say for instance you want to target all households with income over $x and household value over $y- I then put in the zip codes for those areas and see what pops up and give you a count. I can omit businesses, apartments and high rise if you only want residential or you can leave them in the count, it is completely up to you.
Then it is up to you to decide how many you want to do.
If you have a design already and just want to update the offers even better.

I already have the postcard I just need it mailed. How much for that?

Send me a pm with all the following info;
how many do you have to send out?
what size postcard?
do they have a permit imprint already?
what is your target demographic (household value, household income etc) and zip codes?

I think that is it for now. Shoot that over to me and I’ll get a price together for you.

Absorutry - sign me up!

That seems like a good price too. It’d cost me .58 cents each for 500 4-color 4x6 cards from printed and mailed.

Are these in color? Must need to have a mailing permit from the post office eh?

Those days are over. I have a permit to use so there is no extra cost for going out and getting one either. Just p.m. me what you want- the same info I requested from SimplyGlass. If you have a design you want to use and just tweak a few things it makes it easier as well.