How many recent threads should the home page have?


How many are up now Chris? I like the current setup a lot. The “recent threads” is really where I do all my reading. Since I’m here everyday almost I can catch everything. I don’t think I would like having to click into forums and then reading each forum to find the new threads, so my vote is put up as many “recent threads” as possible.

Right now there are 60 recent threads up.

That usually cover 3-4 days worth of posts.

I like it how it is, and I, like Micah do almost all of my reading from the “recent threads”. The more recent threads the better.

60 threads covering 3-4 days seems perfect to me. If any of us miss a day or two it’s so easy to catch up on all of the latest.

I like it like that too.

Me Likes Many !

Is there a way for users to select how many are displayed so everybody is happy?

That is the best idea! I voted for 20 but want to change my mind. Leave it the way it is or give us a choice.

I’d also like to change my vote to the 60/what you have at the moment. The link to the forum has disappeared from the home page! Or perhaps have another link with “off the homepage”.

Its still there its just on the right hand side now


I didn’t even know there was a right-hand side!

Is there a way to change my view back to 60?

I’m with you on that djpic. I don’t know if the forum overhaul is complete yet or not but there’s not enough recent threads on the home page. I feel like I’m missing something with the small amount of recent threads.

Let’s hear it for 60 threads!

Hey Guys

The problem with 60 threads, is it caused the home page to load very slowly. So I was trying to fix that.

What you can do is go to the very top right button called quicklinks and hit “todays posts”

That will show you everything from today. If that doesnt work for you let me know and i can maybe toss 60 -70 recent threads on a seperate page.

Give the tab system a try, Ive been using it for a couple weeks behind the scenes and it took a while for it to grow on me. Now I find it a bit more efficient to see everything.

I like how it is also. Please leave the link to the forum as well, its also nie to go to individual topics especially if you are looking for some answers to problems that might already be posted.

I would very much like to have a page showing that many threads. I hardly get on here anymore because of the view limit. It is also unlikely that I would be able to visit every single day to stay on top of the daily topics.
It’s hard to participate in all the action when I can only see a small portion of it.
When I browse through the older posts, I also feel detered from commenting when I would like to because I know it will push some of the more recent posts of the page.
Sometimes I will be interested in a topic and it totally disappears - I dont have the time to track it down or the patience for the extra steps needed for subscribing.

Maybe a “MORE” button at the bottom of the recent topics that would show the next 20 topics without showing the first 20?

I kinda wish that after I read a topic that the font on the homepage changed in some fashion, either going from bold to “not-bold”, or even a different color, like a light green? When a new comment is made it should go back to an “un-read” font.

AND, if that’s do-able, a box that I could click that would show all post as “read”. I can’t read EVERY topic… but I’d like to think that I did.

None of these are big deals though, just something I thought about, features other boards have had that I liked.


you will notice a little box with a little triangle in it above / next to post on the home page you have not read.

[SIZE=5]If you keep your eye on this page[/SIZE]

By the end of the week it will have the 80 most recent threads, a link to it will be above the current recent threads module.