How many Residential Customers?

Hi All,

How many monthly residential customers do you currently service and what percentage are over £20 or say $40.

From what I have read over the past 5 years, the US and UK markets are fundamentally different with regard to monthly residential service.

Monthly is common in the UK; yearly and twice-yearly (and to a lesser degree quarterly) are common in the US.

You Canucks (F-C and otherwise) and Aussies fend for yourself…

hey man whats a canuck.

So take out the monthly business and replace it with whatever.

Thanks for your reply tho.

“Canucks” is a reference to Canadians.

Our residential clients vary from $149-$1499+

Average would be I guess around $400

You Canucks (F-C and otherwise) and Aussies fend for yourself…


I don’t have any residential customers under 60 dollars…and I had somewhere around 155 residential customers in 2007

I’ve had a number of residential customers talk about monthly, but only one has panned out. This is only for May-Aug. I did just get a call yesterday to do about 20 lakeside panels every 2 weeks for the summer and he’s actually serious! Very rare in this area.

I have 750 clients, most of them do every 4 months, average job is around $300.00

thats over $650,000 a year!!?

Canuck is French Canadian to be exact… Montrealiens and Quebeqois

Your numbers are pretty much exactly what mine are

I’m perplexed by this… like dragonaxe said… thats over 650,000!!! are you serious?

I have approximately 1,400 but sadly they don’t all use me each and every year and I would imagine some of those are one time deals.

Thats 2100 jobs per year, so you bill 600,000 per year? I thought we were doing good

Sorry but Im gonna call BS on that one

It sounds like the money is not the same in the UK for window cleaning. I read also that it is illegal to use a ladder for window cleaning in the UK, that’s why the waterfed pole system was invented. It seems like there are a lot more window cleaners in the UK than in the U.S. maybe the competition drives the prices down. Aren’t there a lot more condos in the UK? If an area is more densely populated (creating smaller living spaces), and the residential dwellings were smaller and more tightly clustered (less windows and less drive time), and you could do them faster with a waterfed pole, and there was more competition…well maybe adding all those factors together you would have a lower price. Just conjecture, as I am not familiar with the UK. Hope to visit there someday, though :slight_smile:

Say “most” is the minimum of 51%, that’s 382.5 clients. Times that by three (for “every 4 months”) and you get 1147.5 visits a year. Say you work 7 days a week, every week. That is 3.14 houses a day. Say the “around $300” is $250. That’s about $786 a day, $286,875 a year.

I don’t mean to attack your statement, I know you could care less. Actually, if you do half this number with your residential clients and without an employee, I NEED to know how you do it! And how do you get your clients to book so frequently?

I came up with 675,000.00…Hmmmmmmmmmm…

John do you have service minimum? to show up…

A solo gig is not doing that volume period! It is possible to have a million dollar operation but you would need a crew of at least 12 and you would would need 10 jobs per day without fail. He is saying he is netting 2000 per day OK and I have beach front property in Arizona

I have been having tremendous success offering to clean the outside only of the downstairs windows most frequently seen or looked through. I offer to clean monthly or quarterly and still do a complete cleaning at least once a year. Just started offering this in the winter and can’t wait to see what happens this month.