How many ways can you hold it?

How many ways can you hold squeegee handle and use it comfortably.
Noticed that people hold there squeegee handles different ways when using.
Everyone has there favorite squeegee handle because of the way they hold it.
So maybe you may be able to hold it comfortably one way??
Here are some complaints why the handle is not the one they like using.
Too big, thin, long, short, bulky.
Too far, close to squeegee channel.
There probably a few more as well.

Just depends on the handle. :wink:

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So you must have a handle you like using it how many ways can you use it comfortably .

wasnt it You who was working a squeegee with your foot? im sure it was


OH LOL Leave that for another day!!!???

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I’m guilty of loving my Moerman Excelerator without the swivel action and at the 40 degree setting. Something about it feels so good in my hands. It feels so light and just glides.

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Was just mentioning in another thread that i had really liked the ninja and the ledge-eze because they are so comfortable to hold. However, I just discovered that a lighter and smaller handle feels so much more maneuverable (my hands are on the smaller side), especially now that I’m training myself to have a lighter grip. Before, i held my handles baseball bat style, whereas now I’m pivoting the squeegee with my thumb at the top. The lightness and size of the ergotec made it so maneuverable, but it feels cheap and the hard plastic is uncomfortable. Can’t wait to try @JaredAI’s suggestion of the pro handle. I’m hoping it ends up being the best of both worlds.

How many ways? Left hand 26, right 5.

But seriously, let the squeegee do the work. Try using finger tips. Then try thumb and pointer. Then try thumb on top. Then try thumb and pinky. Just find something that doesn’t wear you out.

Definitely give it a try! For smaller hands the Unger is a good choice. But I like Ettore and it allows me to straight pull or side pull without having to adjust anything. So I can go immediately from a straight pull to a side pull.

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I mostly keep my pointing finger in line with the handle “judo grip” style. That leads to a natural pronation of the forearm.

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So it appears that some people hold there squeegee handle one or two ways Right?
Any people here change the way they hold the squeegee handle as they are doing one window.
Holding one way doing the top and differently as you go down the window.?

Baseball bat grip, thumb on top, index finger on top, light finger tip grip.


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Fanning technique with swivel handle.
First you do index finger on top of swivel till you get to head height.
Then you have swivel between 2 fingers.
The last bit from the hip down you hold the handle with light grip between fingers.

If you can work like this you are less likely to develop
Repetitive strain injury

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Yes. Especially with the liquidator. Reaching overhead or below the waist I will have my index finger on top. When the squeegee is at torso height in front of me I frequently use my thumb and forefinger on top to straddle the handle and balance the pressure across the handle. I also tend to position myself at one side of the window, rather than directly facing it, so that helps to avoid awkward wrist angles.