How much can I charge per screen to clean them?

I’m on the verge of ordering a IPC eagle ultra pure screen washer SW2, and am curious what some of you guys charge people to clean them? I was thinking $3 per, if I am there cleaning the windows anyways, but didn’t know if this price was too low?

Check out the Aztec screen cleaner, it’s a solid piece of equipment.


$3 dollar is about average per screen using the screen cleaner.


I charge 2 bucks to brush clean screens, 4 bucks when I use the Aztec.
Bumping the charge to 5 per, this year with the screen washer.

My prices aren’t a reflections of anything other than my market. You might be able to get more or less in yours.

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If you’re ordering the IPC screen washer better buy some rain boots, it’s a much messier system with water spraying.

Compare with Aztec system, Built solid and more portable.

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Both Aztec and IPC are quality screen cleaners. You can’t go wrong with either.

$3 seems to be about average. I have toyed with the idea of charging more than $3 but stay there for now. Perhaps on large jobs where those pesky screens are a time eater I will tack a tad more for the overall job?

I was charging $3 but am considering raising it this year. I’m also planning to buy an Aztec too,


Definitely get the Aztec. I actually like cleaning screens now.


And don’t forget that a portion of every Aztec goes to feed a hungry child.

At least, he always says he’s hungry…


Feel the luv… In this thread.

I normally charge $2 per, but since I got the Aztec I’ve started a promo where every window they pay for inside and out the screen is free since it takes so little time now, already got 10 jobs from that specific offer so at the cost of maybe $20-40 they’d pay for the screens I’m still making good money and not losing a bunch of time and it gets me in the door for next time they need me :slight_smile:
Once I’ve ran the offer I’ll be going to $3 per screen.

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I was charging $2 to squirt them with soap and hose off.
I just put it to$3 with the Aztec screen cleaner.

$3/screen if I can remove them from outside and there’s more that 5. If I have to remove from inside, then it’s at least $5.