How much do you usually add for Pella Windows that open?

Obviously with the Pella windows that open up, you are basically doubling the entire job if every window opens. Do you double your normal price on these?

I’m sure others are more of an expert. But you’d want to double at least. On a lot of windows, they have the removable lattice inserts (I’m sorry I don’t know the technical name) which take even more time.

Also double check the condition of the frames, especially if they’re wooden. The first Job I had where I opened them up, on the VERY FIRST window I did, the frame literally fell apart in my hands. That was like the 3rd or 4th job I did starting out. A real bummer.

I haven’t actually done a house with them yet…but I recently bid on one. The house was huge and I bid it to what I thought was accordingly…the owner told me that my bid, “sounds high”.


I let the home owner know I am not interested in cleaning their windows. Way to many others to clean. Just me though.

the newer ones? AT LEAST $30 each…older ones are easy and charge like you would for regular storm panels. The new ones are crazy to take apart and get clean. Especially bad silicone debris.

I just double the price and add $80. That helps with the extra time asociated with opening and taking out the grids or blinds. Hope this helps. And never turn a job down just charge properly.

Apparently builders got silly with these in Jersey back in the 80s and 90s, so I see them constantly.

I charge what i would for a double-hung with storms. $2 more each if there are inserts and / or blinds on the inside. They’re really easy to take out and pop in if you use a cheap handled HD suction cup.

TIP: never scrape and/or steel wool the #2 pane. Even if it doesn’t look like it, there is a coating in there.

There is a class action lawsuit pending against Pella because of the rotting frames :

Pella ProLine Windows Investigation | Complex Litigation Group LLC | Chicago Illinois

Is that class action still going on? I’m doing a job on the 5th with pella windows where the paint it pealing off the wood between the panes and on atleast the one I looked close at it may have some damage to the wood but I didn’t open it up while giving the bid. This would be nice info to give the owner while i’m there.

From what I know the class action suit settled last July. I came across Pellas without storms last week that were rotting so bad that we wouldnt even open them. Maybe that suit is next.