How much gross bus. would be worth $60K?

I just recieved an e-mail from a guy who is trying to sell his wcing bus. He is in the state that I am looking to move to. He has 2 vehicles free & clear.
-2004 F-150
-2004 E-3500 Van with a 330 gal fresh water tank and ionics pure water set-up
-3 poles incl. one 65 ft carbon

He is putting the figures together for me but he said he has atleast one residential job everyday and 3-5 commercial WFP jobs a month. He is in a very upscale part of Orlando Fl.

He wants $60K for the bus and the vehicles.
He said everything is run by an office girl using Service CEO.
He uses on full time sub and 3 part time subs.
Doesn’t sound like he works the bus at all himself.
Said he started this company 18 months ago for a family member who didnt want it after he got it going for him.
Has a website up and running that is pretty cool I think.

This is what I am thinking:

$20K worth of used vehicles
$5K worth of pure water set-up (guessing)
$?? Web-Site design
So what amount of business would he have to have done in the last 18 months to be worth another $35K on top of that?

He has no service contracts at all.
I might be able to give him a down payment and have him carry the paper on the rest. I don’t know yet. He is supposed to get me the figures by Monday.
I am only considering this because it might be better than starting from scratch and trying to feed my family starting from zero.

one residential job everyday and 3-5 commercial WFP jobs a month.

I honestly dont know about the WFP value, but this sentence should be a GIANT red flag.

Those are NOT impressive numbers.

Give me $10,000 and I’ll get you 200 residential clients in 14 days in your local market!

This is not something worth buying, in my opinion, unless these WFP jobs are amazing, and the residential is high-priced, high-hourly-rate.

He is putting the figures together for me

This is everything - the numbers.

I guess I didn’t answer your question, though…

To me, I wouldn’t pay $60,000 for the business even if it churned out $100,000 in work the last 12 months, if that work was poorly priced. It’s all about where his pricing is at.

If it only generated $60,000 in work, at $100/hr, then I probably would consider buying it for the full amount. Actually, no - I would buy it - since there are vehicles involved, and the equipment, too.

I think once you have repriced the jobs, you would probably loose half anyway. That was my experience - the same money for half the work.
I wouldn’t be too hot on the vehicles unless they were saleable, then again I haven’t seen them.

I am thinking that it shouldn’t take someone 2 or 3 days to put together an info package with basics like gross sales, number of customers, hourly averages, etc… Especially when they are running Sevice CEO. There were other things said that didn’t add up either. Smells FISHY already. I am going to pass without even seeing any figures. Thanks for the input.

Paneless i will give $5000 if you could get me 100 residential jobs!
That would keep me busy for a while:)


I’m serious about this kind of claim. In fact, after PM’ing another member on here about this, I’d like to step up and put my money where my mouth is.

If you’re joking, then disregard this reply, but if you’re serious, let’s talk!

lets talk.

I know of no better man to trust regarding marketing…than Kevin @ paneless.

If he says he can do it…he can do it.

Thx Phil.

I sincerely appreciate that, man.

Could that be the business?

Yes it is.

Are those $100.00 per hour residential clients?

How much for 200 - $100/hr Commercial Clients?