How much ISO alcohol to use?

I ordering some GG3 and Winsol Super Slip for a job this weekend but I’m sure I’ll have freezing issues. I have a few bottles of 91% ISO ALCOHOL but how much should I use in my bucket (I use about 2.5-3 gallons of water)? I don’t want to use windshield washer solvent.

Depends on how cold it is! Just enough alcohol to keep it from freezing.

Just a real quick look at Saturday weather in Ohio, it looks like your high will be near 32 or even higher in the south. Unless you’re going to be out working first thing in the morning, you shouldn’t need much ISO at all. Even if the temp. is 28, you’d probably need no more than 8oz. for a bucket that size. If it’s windy, more may be necessary.

You could use a bottle to apply your solution to your strip washer and that way you can increase or decrease the amount of Iso depending on the temps. You could avoid putting any in your bucket if you fill it first thing in the morning (provided it’s not in the back of a pick up).

thanks guys

Does anyone else use Methyl Alchohol? You can buy it in 5 gallon buckets.