How much money do you need to start a window cleaning business

Hi, i am really interested in starting a window cleaning business. Also i would be interested in cleaning gutters also. Window cleaning and gutter cleaning both seem to have a low start up cost. But i don’t know if i have enough funds to start the business. I have around 900 in savings right now, i have 1400 total with the credit card included. I’m a college student i don’t have much money to start

So i was interested in knowing how much money would be needed to start a window cleaning business. Would i need to buy liability insurance and be bonded for residential accounts, i know you need to be for commercial accounts.

I would prefer not to use my credit card yet because i have no idea if i will be successful at this yet. So my budget is around 900 dollars.

You can definitely start up with that kind of money. As your company grows, you will be able to buy more equipment. There are a few starter kits here on WCR that are only a few hundred bucks and have most everything you would need to start cleaning windows. Best of luck to you. Oh yeah, get some insurance too.

Thanks for the reply, i will look into insurance also. There are two starter kits on the site. Do you think the Unger ErgoTec Set
would be enough for me to get started in the window cleaning business. Should i get anything extra. The Mr. LongArm Solar Kit 5’-12’ is only for working with solar panels right.

Spend a couple hundred on tools, get a 20’ extension ladder and an 8’ step ladder. Youre done $400 (maybe) at this point.

Now get some flyers printed and pick a couple of nicer neighborhoods and walk around putting the flyers out.

$500 bucks has you ready.

Thanks i will need a ladder also, but i am using a jeep. So i need to find one that can fit. All i need to do is just buy the tools and ladders and i should be set. The flyers shouldn’t be too hard. So all of this should cost me around 500 dollars, this is less then i expected. Would the Unger ErgoTec Set from this website cover me for the tools needed.

Hey jrf91, check your pms’. I just sent you over a list of suggestions. With your budget you will be able to afford great quality tools, ladders and some quick cheap advertising to get you off the ground.

Give us a call whenever you have questions about the products we offer.

Good luck in the new venture. There is a lot of money to be made in window cleaning.

Don’t think of if you will be succesfull but when you will be succesfull. Insurance is a must

There are some decent little giant type ladders that could fit in your jeep until you get a rack. Craigslist is always a great source for these.

Also, don’t be afraid to hit up some shopping center properties and build yourself a little route.

Thanks for the helpful list i will need towels, soap, belts, and holsters. Thanks again for the good list.

Thanks i will look into the little giant type ladders, i never heard of it before.

I started with under $500.00 and that was with a couple used ladders and 1000 flyers printed at Staples. I made that back with in a week. That was just this April. Good luck

Wcr Has great starter kits. avoid the credit card though

PRACTISE practise practise so your first customer tells a friend.

If you are not sure about window cleaning yet just buy an 10 and a 18 inch backflip, 12 ft ext. pole and 24 ft ladder. Thats what I started with for about 200$. Add in a bunch of huck towels and you are ready to go.

If you are working alone being bonded is not necessary. And I wouldn’t worry about solar kits yet.
You can do quite a bit with starter kits.

A small pail full of money will get you started, but a 5 gallon bucket full would be nicer.

You can get the basic tools you need to clean most commercial and residential jobs for about 2000 dollars. Ladders are a big expense. Your goal should be section ladders, but a 6 1/2 set will run you over a grand. Extension ladders are cheaper to start with, but difficult to carry around and heavy to handle by yourself. No matter what type of ladder you start with, buy a quality level system. I prefer LeveLoks.

You need to buy and experiment with all the different handles and channels out there to find the ones you can handle the best. Tools and soap will cause more fist fights at the shop then anything. Stainless, brass, composite, clipless or with clips, find what works best for you.

Thanks for the good advice, everyone. I am now motivated in starting a window cleaning business. I hope im successful in it, thanks for all the good advice.

Welcome… Youll be good to go if you go with what Alex suggested.

Good luck, I am in the same boat just starting out the advice here I hope will help with getting a fast track start