How much pressure needed for Excelerator

I am attempting to learn to use a new Moerman Excelerator. So far I have found that while using a lot of pressure it works flawlessly. Using a light hand, no matter what angle I try, I can’t get a perfect window. Any suggestions or is the extra pressure necessary?

Light to moderate pressure. Make sure when you cut your rubbers that you do a good job. Most of my issues came from that

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I find the angle at which the blade touches the glass to be more important than pressure. And perhaps more than that is the ever sought after ‘perfect slip’. The excelerator likes a lot of slip/glide. I find Moerman soap to be excellent indoors when put right on my applicator. Outdoors it is not the best as it seems to dry too fast.

It is a new squeegee with the rubber cut by the manufacturer, I believe. I tried some softer Diamond rubber and it didn’t seem to work as well but behaved basically the same way. It leaves a lot of water at any angle with anything but very heavy pressure. Is it possible the channel is faulty?

I initially had the same problems and once I swapped to Ettore rubber it solved most of it and then I started watching trad mans videos on using the liquidator channel properly and it requires different techniques to get the desired result, subscribe to trad man and watch through a lot of videos and you will pick it up in no time, he has good instructional videos on making it work, as with most quality tools it’s not the tool that’s faulty but the person using it, just requires different techniques

Thanks for the reply. I just started watching a few of Trad man’s videos. It doesn’t appear that he is doing anything special on the angle or that he is putting any more pressure than normal. I would most likely be considered a beginner although I have done at least thousands of windows. It’s just been a while. My problem is in the basic use of the squeegee on easy to reach windows. If I put a lot of pressure on the squeegee it works wonderfully, but if I use it as I would any other squeegee that works fine, the Excellerator leaves all kinds of water, especially on the turns in upper areas of windows but not excluding other areas. It probably is me, but there must be some secret. I notice it actually works a bit better on a pole than directly in my hand, but then I think it might be the pressure again. It acts exactly as though the channel is bent. You mentioned Ettore rubber. If it isn’t the tool, why wasn’t it working with your initial rubber? Did you try the Excellerator with the original Moerman rubber that came with it?

I changed rubber to ettore and it made a difference. I also did have a bent channel out of the box and replaced it with one form a local store. I found the handle works great with an ettore channel (good tape helps hold it). It is a beautiful vehicle that requires near perfect conditions. Slip, angle, pressure, temperature, lighting, kind words of encouragement, promises of a good meal…wait am I talking about my wife?! :laughing:

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I learned that the hard way. I threw my original rubber out and never paid attention to exactly where I was supposed to cut so my rubber always stuck out slightly and caught the glass and made me furious. When I ordered my second one I took a picture of how it came and now I keep the originals as templates to cut my others.

so easy to use so easy to train new employees on.
i was adding soap to scrubber per bladz & tradman but now i use a soapy mix in a bottle works better for me.
have been an ettore rubber guy but can’t make it work so only moerman factory cut rubber now.
light pressure at the appropriate angle for the handle angle set.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I have no idea why this is taking me so long to figure out. Although I don’t have tons of hours lately with a regular squeegee, I don’t have much trouble.