How much rinsing for gutter zap?

My new marx off gutter cleaning pads came in and Im excited to use them on a few whitening jobs tomorrow.

In the past we’ve been spraying on the gutter zap, and then rinsing with a wfp. This gets pretty messy and Im curious how much rinsing I actually need to do?

Can I just use a spare pad soaked in water to rinse off the solution, or do should I just keep using a lot of water to rinse?

I prefer the Mr. Longarm blue brush dipped in a bucket of cleaner(I use floor stripper for gutter whitening anymore) attached to my Unger pole that has been destroyed from chemical. Usually I try to upsell this service when doing powerwashing so I can quickly rinse the product off. I’ve tried rinsing with WFP before and it is messy, plus not a large amount of water. How are you spraying the gutter zap on the gutters?

Short answer: Rinse until the chemical is off the gutters and the siding.

Mix your gutter zap in a 5 galllon bucket. Dip you brush (MArx off sucks) and scrub about a 5 to 10 foot section and rinse until no more bubbles on the gutter. Repeat.

Floor stripper?, really?
If so, what’s the price deference and the cleaning strength compared the zap.
I use the siding cleaner on the gutters. They come out quick and clean. I get about 5 medium size homes gutters and siding out of a 5 gallon $90.00 bucket of cleansol bc. Makes me about $2,400.

Im just using a hand held garden sprayer. Its wasteful and messy. I used the pads on my gutters last night and used a lot less solution. I rinsed with a water soaked pad, but not sure if I got all the chemical off. I guess we’ll continue to rinse with the wfp.

@DJ - yeah, that pad is not fantastic. It did a good job on the flat parts, but it took some finagling to get it clean the the lip where the curve starts.

The floor stripper works a lot faster w/ a lot less. It’s a highly based product just like gutter zap, I ran out one day and tried stripper instead. It’s been awhile since I bought any but I think I get 5 gal. for around $80 or $90. I was using gutter zap straight and still took forever, but now I dilute and the marks come right off. It’s a pretty strong product compared to others I’ve used in the past for floor work.

I usually add some soap also to help it cling to the gutters.

Did any of you guys ever try Wesley’s Bleach White tire cleaner? I tried it on my own home and it worked pretty dam good. Im not suggesting to use it but it does do the job if you are running low on F 13 or gutter zap. Just thought I’d throw it out there.