How much $$$ to ask for tiny squares with WFP?

Hey guys

just finished my first day of WFP!!! Woohoo, i love it. I did 12h of work. Still some tiny adjustments to make, but overall it was fantastic

Just wondering, how much $$$ do you ask for tiny square with WFP??? Its easier with WFP than regular squeegee but still… Do you ask by the piece(the tiny square) or by the whole window?

I put the image of what i did today, many litle squares all around the building and the equivalent of a 3 storey high, and also on floor level

thanks guys


What pole is that? Looking good!

I charge anywhere between 50 cents and $1.50 per side. Many many factors come into play. I charge whatever I think will result in my per hour goal.

Where are you located?

Hey Josh,

it’s the gardiner extreme, if you’d like to try it let me know, i know i can trust you :wink: I’m JM in the same hall as you hehe

i was in Ste-Agathe today and ste-adele

thanks for your input again bro


Do yourself a big favor, DO NOT DISCOUNT FOR WFP WORK!!!
Just because it can be easier and faster doesn’t mean discount the work. The equipment, time and money you spent to acquire these tools and skills need to be taken into consideration. DO NOT SELL YOURSELF SHORT. That is, unless you’re a charitable organization.


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Angela WCR

I charge between $.5-2/side depending on size also I bid it the same as if I had to do it by hand just incase my wfp is down. When I do the job.

I also agree with Metller

Ditto on what [MENTION=5058]mettlermaintenance[/MENTION] said because you never know if you’ll have to maybe ladder a couple of windows that are jacked. If everything goes good, then you get a nice check. If everything goes bad (like them not having a working bib or not having enough pressure or whatever) then you still get a check.