How much to charge to power wash tennis court

So I cleaned some windows for a long time customer today she has a 60 x120 asphalt tennis court. The asphalt is in good shape and the paint is in pretty good shape to. it has some black algae on it but nothing too serious, I have a 4 GPM machine with a whisper wash classic Surface Cleaner looking for some advice on how I should go about pricing this. I am thinking pricing this by the square foot is the way to go let me know what you guys think and if square footage is the best way to price this how much per square foot I was thinking $0.35 a square foot but I’m just guessing. Thanks in advance for any input

It’s my understanding you really don’t want to ‘power wash’ anything asphalt as it may stripe badly. There might be a way but I haven’t heard it.

Estimate your time and change her $100/hr for it

.35 per square foot? That equals $2520! Go get em! Lol

Be careful with that surface cleaning in the tennis court. There are mixed opinions on that method. Search around on pressure washing resource or ask @Infinity

I think you’d be farther ahead to soft wash it. Down stream your SH and soap, and rinse it. The paint would probably peel under pressure and I don’t think you ever want to get high pressure on asphalt.

SH and asphalt don’t mix well, if it is painted would probably remove mould without staining the asphalt if the mix was not too strong.

I don’t do flatwork. But I’ve read from a number of knowledgeable people who say not to use a surface cleaner on tennis courts.

You’re right that is extra funny I didn’t even calculate the square footage before I threw that price out there!.

Thanks for the quick replies and input guys, I’m not even going to touch this one.

You could probably crank the unloader down to about 1000psi and use a 40 degree to sweep it off. That’s really all I can suggest as I’m new-ish to power washing.

Don’t mess with the unloader. Adjust pressure with tip orfices.

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Plus ∞

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Smart Cookie. Perhaps suggest a company that surfaces/ paints tennis courts should be consulted. My opinion is something like this should be cleaned, then repainted. The chances are slim, in my opinion, that one could just clean it and not have it affect the coating. I think the prospect is/ was looking for a cheap fix. Any liquid treatment would probably defeat the paint on the surface. If a wall was in that condition, it should/ would be cleaned, primed and painted. So walk, but maybe find out who works on tennis courts in the area.

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Thanks for your input on this that’s exactly what I’m going to do is just walk away. I will advise the home owner to seek the advice of a tennis court Painting Company and go from there thanks again for all you guys insight and knowledge I appreciate it

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