How much water used with backpack?

If I get a backpack setup and bring my own pure water how much water should I expect to lug around?? I know this might be hard to estimate but let’s say an average size house. How much water am I going to need?? Even a range would be helpful.

In other threads I’ve seen as much as 60 gallons needed for that size house, … I don’t know. I can’t imagine driving around with 60 gallons in my vehicle right now and am trying to get a grasp of how much is needed typically. I was hoping to accomplish everything with a DI tank for purification (contemplating rainwater collection) and bringing pure water with me.

Is it reasonable to think I could get started with pure water cleaning this way??

I fill and bring three 5-gallon Igloo water containers with me.

Dependent upon flow and window count and condition, a little goes a long way.

If you are doing a first clean on that size house you might need as much as 20 gallons depending on your flow control and water saving techniques.

I do not have a back pack, but when I was first starting with a 125 gallon tank on board, I kept records of window count verses gallons used.
Over several weeks I refilled about 500 gallons in my tank and had a 1,500 window count cleaned. Most were residential a mix of single crank outs and double hungs.
So I used about 1/3 of a gal per window.
If I look at a large job now I know that if has more than 300 average windows then I may have to come back the 2nd day to refill my tank.
I can be stingy with my water and get more done. I would if using a back pack method.
Start washing the top of the window then click the aqua adapter off and use the water flowing down the glass for a good scrub. Then click the water back on for a very brief and fast second scrub and then a thorough rinse.
The house below has 35 windows and we cleaned it again last week, it had only been about 4 months so they were not real bad with dirt.
I used 10 gallons and I did not shut it off until I had to walk the the next window group or adjust the pole height.
Hope this helps.

Ten double hung windows with each four gallon refill of my backpack. I use a Gardiner brush with small European jets.

That gives me a better idea, thanks. I think I can handle that amount much better.

Now I better ask, … do you typically do the lower windows traditionally or with the WFP, … or does it depend?? I’m assuming traditionally but maybe not.

Traditional is faster if the windows are in front of you.

Trad to wfp part 11: Tops only - YouTube

have a look

Matt Perry posts the best photos!

along with a very informative post. Thanks Matt!

I love the Waga videos on YouTube. In the UK backpacks are very popular. They do the tops with the WFP and the bottoms the old fashion way to save water.

I have always had a problem with that method because the bottom windows would resoil at a much faster rate because of the soap residue.

Next spring I’ll be using pure water and a little Ecover in my bottle of solution because I hear its as good as cleaning with a WFP because the resoiling rate is about the same. Thanks John Germany!

Have you thought about harvesting rain water? All you need is a 24ft window washing pole, a manuel backpack sprayer, 3 six gallon Jerry cans and a WFP hose and brush. You could get started, the WAGA way, for around $300-$400.

Yes I’m certainly thinking about collecting rainwater especially to circumvent buying an RO system which I simply cannot afford right now(and we have hard water here). We tend to get a lot of rain in the spring, … plus I actually think it would be kinda fun. Of course I’m one of those DIY guys so I like projects like that. Really informative info here guys. You all are great.

Mike- Are you saying I could get started with WFP cleaning for $300-400 including all equipment?? I am hoping to get started for less than $600 if possible. Wouldn’t I need a DI tank as well?? Those seem to run about $220ish. I’ll need to put together a list and prices to start the exercise of pricing this new type of cleaning. Thanks again.

I have read on the UK forums that rain water actually cleans better than DI water in most cases. No filter necessary.

Have you watched all the DIY, Waga, YouTube videos? The DIY guys in the UK know how to cut costs. They even have their own DIY forum.

Eventually you’ll want the real deal, carbon fiber pole and an EZ Pure RO system. When you’re making real money you’ll want to order some good equipment.

If I were using the backpack method, then I would do the lower glass that’s easy to reach traditional. But since I carry my own 125 gal tank on board I use all pure water, even though the lower is quicker traditional by a bit, I still like not leaving soap residue behind.
In my area, I am the only one with a WFP and it is a new thing that I’m selling my customer on, so I tend to use it for all the exterior when practical.
Thanks Larry & Mike for the kind words about my post. I take photos of my new residential customers and send them a thank you card with the pic of their house. I have had a lot of kind feedback from them as well.
I usually send it over sized 8" X 11" it cost me about $6, but I feel it sets me apart and hopefully remembered for repeat sales.