How much would you charge for 3 windows, twice a week?

How much would you charge for this twice a week job?

2 large windows + small window above door (plus the door), in and out, TWICE a week.

(yes, an insane 104 times a year)

I just landed it 5 minutes ago, curious as to what you guys would charge…

I guess its actually 6 windows, isn’t it?

2 + 2 + 1 + door

Anyway…how much?

$20.00 every visit.

$50.00 each time :smiley:

closest job?

If it was close to a job i do then 45 if not then 50 maybe more for drive time. But knowing you kevin you go it for 80…Right

I wish!

I priced it at $50, and he said that would be too much ($5000/yr), but since he is located about 5 minutes from my place, I agreed to $30.

Should be a 5 minute job.

We’ll see. He seems a little jumpy.

I shouldn’t have gone lower than $50, but even I agree that $5000/yr is silliness for this little job, and I have an ulterior motive right now…

Well Im glad to know that Im pricing pretty good then. Yea Kevin I do listen bro. :smiley:

:slight_smile: Excellent, Dejay…

Yeah, there are some extenuating circumstances right now that are driving my pricing decisions, but they are only temporary I assure you…

Oh - that sounds like I’m desperate…

It has nothing to do with my financial situation…anyways, I’ll just shut up,and let more people chime in on this one!

$30 per visit.

just curious. How long will it take you to clean these windows? i always like to compare the two(price per window- time to do job) I would of priced it at $20 each cklean if there was no obstacles, and within 15 minutes travel. I would price higher if it was farther. Looking at it…I would guess it would take me 20-25 minutes

Wow, I need to start cleaning windows in KY for prices like that :smiley: Thats a $15-20 job around these parts.

I have a $40 minimum now for small commercial but with it being two visits per week I’d go around $30. I know there are many in our territory that would walk in and quote $15 or less.

Thats not Ky prices that is Simply Glass prices. If they dont want to pay it then I don’t want it. There is enough that will say yes. I would much rather clean 1 for 60 then 3 for 60.:wink:

I figure about 7 minutes tops, but I’m pretty fast. I would likely skip the top insides every other time.

Very true.

I would have a minimum of $50 if it was a 1 time deal. If he agreed in writing to come twice a week, I would charge around $25-$30. If it had some construction debris that required me to be extra cautious, I wouldn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt in charging $100:)

I once did 3 windows for $65 and the homeowner was thrilled and wanted me to do the whole house. I did underbid a little since it did have some paint on the windows. The house ended up being about $485 and it took me a day. The three windows took like 20 minutes by myself because they were very large window. ( approx. 10 feet high each )

I always find it a constant struggle charging this much for commercial but have found those that are willing to pay this much to be very loyal customers.

Doubt you will keep the job very long. Ma and pa business like that do not have a budget for wcing that big or some other Wcer will come along

I don’t know what type of business it is but I can hardly see any reason the customer would want to do twice a week. You [I]might[/I] have oversold the job which will get you “fired” as soon as the guy realizes that’s too many cleanings. We don’t even do restaurants that often.