How much would you charge for this gutter cleaning job?

It’s 412 Foot of gutter. Just a standard gutter cleaning job. Click below for google maps view. How much would you charge?

2050 key harbour, 63367 - Google Maps

Doesn’t look like there are too many trees around. I would say to estimate it at $200- $250. Write the estimate up as $1/ft x 412 ft estimated total cost for cleaning $xxx. JMO

With the ladder sets I’d be doing on that I’d charge at least $300-350

Looks like you’ll buzz through this, with the size and the height I’d be at $175-200 depending on what I could walk. Beautiful area around there, spent a week at Babler State Park in June Camping with the family and checking out the sights.

I be $350 on this, its all med ladder work mostly

I wound up charging 249 and got it. Thanks for the input guys. I really appreciate it.


Do you think you might have gotten it at a higher price?

Possibly. But I don’t have much work scheduled next week so I went with the middle bid. It is a little higher than I was going to bid at first actually. I was thinking 199 originally. It shouldn’t take more than 2 - 3 hours to complete this job with two guys.

At $199, that’s $35-50 per man-hour. At $249, that’s $40-60 per man hour.

Both sound low; my expectations for gutter cleaning revenue are higher and I have less overhead than you.

This demonstrates for me one of the key differences between solo operators and guys w/ employees. Since we have no employees we can risk bidding jobs higher and not getting them. For guys w/ employees, like Kurt or Chris, they have other people expecting them to keep work coming in so they may bid things lower just to keep the guys busy.

Great point!

We have to do it every day. I think I spend more worrying about keeping the crews working than I do about anything else. I have laid off very few people over the years because I fully know what happens when someone loses a job through no fault of their own. It sucks

What services do you include in the gutter cleaning? Appreciate any info on gutter cleaning.

$200-250 two guys 45 minutes to an hour.

I love having employees. I can honestly say that I really only have to work about 10 hours a week and I’m making more now than when I was an engineer before this. I would not have it any other way. Give me 5 years though and see what I say then. Haha. It was kind of stressful at first but now that the guys know exactly what they are doing it’s honestly a cake walk. It’s easy money!

Yep, I totally agree with you on that Tony.

I am a little late to this reply but I would have been around your price. A good way to present a quote is to break it down into two services. We started doing it that way about 5 years ago. Gutter cleaning and downspout flushing. I would have bid just the gutter cleaning for around $215.00-$225.00 and the flushing would be somewhere around $25.00 to $35.00. When I quote My quote will read 1). All gutters cleaned on home -Remove all debris from gutters. 2). All downspouts and gutters flushed with water to ensure proper drainage of system. It gives the potential customer a more detailed outline of what they will be getting for their $$. If I actually meet them during the quotation process, I tell them that we guarantee that they will be flowing freely when your done. NO hidden charges! I have got a ton of jobs doing it this way with a price breakdown.

Thanks Steve, I like the idea of breaking it into two parts. I know Kevin does that as well. I need to implement that immediately.
This is what I put in my email to the guy. I never spoke with him on the phone. He requested an estimate through my website.

Hello Paul,

I received your website submission for gutter cleaning. To completely remove the debris of the gutters and downspouts of a house that size would run $249.00. That includes removing the debris from gutter and downspouts and hosing the gutters and downspouts out to make sure everything is working properly. We will also pick up and remove any debris left behind and remove the debris from your premises. We will also email you pictures of your clean gutters when completed. Let me know if this sounds good to you and we can get you scheduled.

The emailing of pictures always gets them. I hope my competitors aren’t watching…:wink:

did ya offer any rainflow?