How often do you clean your own windows?

My wife has me do them once a month, but I live in a townhome with 3 window and a sliding door. So it takes me little time :slight_smile:

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My wife doesn’t get a say that would be like me telling her when to cook dinner as long as she cooks it when Im hungry I’m happy just like me I clean the windows when they are dirty.

anytime we train a new guy i get a free wc :wink:

Once or twice a year


Twice a year

Once a year and I always step back and say “I should do this more often.” They look great when done.

never. seriously, never.


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Our goal is 4x a year… So it’s usually twice a year :wink:

But when we first moved in we waited like a year and a half- they were nasty!

Plus one

I’m like the old saying “the shoe makers kids go shoeless” the window cleaners house windows never get done. If my wife grabs the bucket out of the truck, I know I’m in trouble…

i bet its pretty common for a window cleaner to mess with something other than his tool belt and tools to take care of a few windows to avoid going out to the truck and ‘hassling’ with all the stuff (might feel too much like an actual job or ‘work’)

Its funny…Like the saying says “you never due what you due”.

taught my 8 yr old yesterday :slight_smile: with 4 kids touching every window I rarely bother.

Josh Rouse Derby NY

Not once a year lol

I live in a 3rd floor brownstone with pretty much the most annoying windows to clean.

10 of them are modern double hungs with stationary top sashes, and some genius decided to leave the storm windows on when they replaced them. Basically, you cant get the storms out.

The other two have security bars on them. Since these are the only ones we really look at, I did a full hard water removal job on them when I moved in. These are about 100 years old, and the glazing is more or less gone.

Did I mention there’s no hose bib? Pure water is out of the question unless I want to rig it up from my kitchen or bathroom sink.

Yeah, I only rent here, not much of a concern for me.

About once per year my wife will ask me to clean “those two in front” or the storm door, etc. She knows what she’s doing, because by the time I actually clean those two, I end up doing them all.

Count me in that never/once per year category.

Oddly enough, I pwash the shit out of every surface I can find during the summer. :confused:


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What windows?