How quickly will oxidized frames stain a window?

I hate oxidized frames and it seems like they’re everywhere. Today, I had to OneRestore every window because I wasn’t going to use steel wool and elbow grease like the last time. The windows are perfect. Like new. But my fear is, how long will it last. Will the windows get stained again by the time they have their next cleaning?

I wanted to give the customer some professional advice on when they should get them cleaned again to prevent this from happening again, but I honestly don’t know how long it typically takes. What has been your experience? Also, is there any permanent solution the homeowner can do? Like repainting maybe?

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Charge $20 to $30 per frame


I hope you charged for this ???
That is not part of a regular cleaning price Well not for me at least.
I tell them to clean at least once a year or get new screens. If it’s from the screens. The stuff above lookns like good stuff. Wonder if they could use that in screens too ?? In sure they could hmmm interesting

What type of frames? What caused them to oxidize to bgin with?

Typically low quality vinyl frames that are not constructed from “virgin vinyl”. UV breaks down paint “oxidizing”

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Are you talking about etching from aluminum screens?

That literally made me laugh out loud :laughing:

To answer everyone else, the screens I did today had aluminum frames. Even as I put them through the screen washer, all the water turned milky white. But I’ve seen this on window frames before too. When you touch it with your finger it feels kind of chalky and gets your hands all white.

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This happens all the time where I’m at. The salt air really does a job on the frames and glass, especially if aluminum screens are involved. Rinsing down the frames first after brushing with OC always takes care of it. You need to rinse longer but the end result is friggin sweet.

What’s OC?

Commercial oven cleaner

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