How soon for a return visit?

I desided I wanted some more store front work, from next month my employee will be doing 3 days a week for me, so I figure a bit more will make sure there is enough work for us both.

I went out today and quoted a heap of store fronts around town, most of them don;t have a window cleaner (they do it themselves) a couple have their own cleaners do it, and there may have been a few that have a proffesional window cleaner.

anyway, the main quiestion I want to know is, how long should I wait before going back and saying hi again?
as it turned out today, most of the managers were not in until after lunch (and I did most of the quotes before lunch) so they have not met me, just seen the quote and a business card.

I was thinking a fortnight ( 2 weeks for those of you not using the term fortnight :p)

what do you think?

I would say sooner. While it is fresh in their mind

Many times the employees fail to deliver the message to the decision makers, so it’s never too soon to check back with them. They usually make up their mind whether or not they will use a window cleaner pretty quickly.

Sometimes, when they already have the employees doing them, they will be agreeable to outside only + the door inside, especially if you can tell them that you doing it will make it easier for their employees to maintain it. A free demonstration often lands it, when they are on the fence, as well.

Are you contacting/reaching them in any other manner besides face to face? Email? Fliers? Phone follow up?