How the heck are we going to do this

All i can say is…who needs a corner office in a building when this one rotates:D

I’m sure they would make certain the building is still(not in motion) when getting the drops or stage work done.

Sooooo cool!

Actually, as Im sat here thinking about it, you could do just 1 drop and sit there and wait for the windows to come to you:D

That is one cool building

Innovative thinking with just a hint of "Smart-A$$:D

All I got when I tried to watch the video was some robotic voice saying “This content is currently unavailable.” Could you post a new link?


different link

Just don’t want to get sucked into the wind turbines!

I can see it now. Office party and every one comes in with hangovers and lets loose. hate to be a janitor on that day. would make me sick just sitting in there and I am sober lol