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Has anyone read " Federal Income Tax for Window Cleaners" by Brigitte A. Thompson or " Straight Talk About Window Cleaning Bidding" by John Baxter?
If so, feedback please.

I havent heard of this one: Federal Income Tax for Window Cleaners

Do you have a link to it? I also havent read the other one.

I’ve read Johnny Orsini’s e-book and loved it. I had it on my old computer but it crashed and I lost it. Does anyone have a way I could get it again?
When I was a contractor I read Norm Abram’s book because I respected him and his work. I love reading books by guys in the industry.

Hey Tony I just uploaded the book to our server for you.

Here ya go

Everyone should of course also check out Kevins Book

Thanks Chris. You guys continue to blow me away. All someone has to do is ask (something reasonable Phil) and you guys take care of it. Way above and beyond.

Here ya go Chris. By the way…great forum! I frequently use NWCD but Im very impressed by this place.

Man, that Johnny Orsini guy told his whole life story in that book, and every single little detail! Serious thoroughness about all those little things about running a wc business.

Interesting find.

I have the straight talk book. Not very memorable. I had forgotten i had/read it until this thread.

I’ll see if i still have it…if so, you are welcome to it.

I have found kevins book contains more meet. Goes well with 57 sauce. (get it? [I]meet[/I])

Now I get it. :wink:

Oops. I wish I could claim lack of coffee as my excuse. Fact is, i do not spell well now without the cow.

Perhaps it is lack of chili.

no crap! very detailed.

His info on tempered glass is not up to snuff but of course he didn’t have the education on it we have available.

Hey Kevin, where can I view the contents of your book and does it illustrate a method of how to keep inventory for supplies needed to run and operate a successful WC business.


Hello young grasshopper, I mean squeegee

Stuart, you can preview a bunch of excerpts from my book at

There are currently 10 fat excerpts available.

And…NO, I don’t talk about maintaining window cleaning inventory, or anything similar.

Actually, for that matter I don’t talk about any of the following:

How to clean windows.
What kind of tools to use.
Where to buy them (here, at WCR, of course! Everyone knows that…)
How much of them to buy.

Nor do I speak of…

Where to get insurance, or how much to get.
Why a certain kind of rubber is better than other rubber.
Whether or not you should use GG4 or dish soap.

My book is purely on exactly how you can achieve 3 primary things with your window cleaning business:

Rapid, profitable growth.
And the secret key to achieving all 3 of these objectives.

Hint: It starts with a big “M”.

As an interesting contrast, in Johnny Orsini’s book, he spends a ton of time on this everyday stuff.

[I]His book[/I] is great for someone who is currently working at McDonald’s and who’s thinking of getting into window cleaning.

[I]My book[/I] is for the guy who already has a window cleaning business, knows how to clean windows already, and is looking to achieve some really substantial and profitable business growth as fast as possible. My book is also not for the lazy complainer, who will make excuses until the cows come home.

It is for the WC’er who doesn’t mind working hard, as long as the payoff is worth it.

Hey Kevin,

Could i get a copy of that book?

That would be a good fit.
Starbrite - Doug - how to start a biz
Paneless Perfection - how to grow your biz with marketing
WCR - where to get your tools, equipment and the books and info, along with videos

sounds like a perfect match all around.

Sure, Doug.

ANYONE can get one here:

Click on the image on the bottom right, which will take you to paypal, and then once you’ve ordered one (but haven’t had to spend a dime yet), I’ll ship it to you, and you’ll have two full months to read it before you decide you’ll keep it.

(nice NLP, eh?)