How to clean windows with tinting

We just did a window cleaning and one of the technicians has damaged the tinting. We are having the window tinted again but don’t want this to happen again and we don’t want to pay for tinting ever again. How do we clean windows like this or prevent this from happening again?

For after market tint you can’t use anything sharp or abrasive. I use a microfiber sleeve on my stripwasher and my normal GG solution.

I guess there was a bubble on the tinting and a scraper was used. The tinting was torn.

Was the damage on the inside or out?

The tinting and damage are inside.

Right. What we do is check for any bubbles in the tinting. If there is any bubbles in the tinting I only use a micro fiber gently. If the tinting looks like it is in good condition maybe a sqeegee really gentle. But check for bubbles.

Is it easy to spot aftermarket tinting film? Lets say the film has been applied perfectly…what do you look for to determine a tinting film has been applied to the glass?


the color will be a bit different. I check the edges. Even the best tinter will leave gaps where they cut the tint. Sometimes you can tell by feel. a tinted window will have more drag with a squeegee than a non tinted window. Also if you have polarized sunglasses you can sometimes tell. the tint will have a nice spotted distortion when you look through your polarized sunglasses.

Many tints require a special formula, usually supplied by the manufacturer and given to the customer by the installer, to clean the tinted windows with. This is because dish soaps and other cleaners with harm the integrity of it.

Glass Gleam products are tint safe. So is the heavy duty degreaser I use, which comes in handy for restaurant jobs. Ammonia will destroy tint every time.

Bubbles or not, never ever use a scraper on tinted glass.

I don’t like the “porcupine” washer sleeves for this reason either.

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