How to deal with this?

so i have my own business and all but until i have enough work to support myself i wrk for other window cleaning businesses.

anyway the problem is i did a $230 job for 1 guy and its all good later that week he pulls me aside and tells me the client refused to pay the $230 because i was only there 2 hours,there was no complaint about the quality just the price/time and this is a repeat client. so my boss says he had to drop the price to make her happy.

then he tells me he wants me to slow down wen im doin jobs on my own.
im getting paid half the bid wen i work bymyself, but wen im with him he wants me to work quick and there he only pays hourly. how does that make sense?

any body had a problem like this?

it happened another time with my other boss he said he had to drop the price because the lady didnt think it was fair.

wouldnt peole rather have you in/out of their house in a timely manner rather than drag your ass and spend 5 hours on wut could have been a 3 hour job

I think he’s a puss for lowering the price. how much did he lower the price for her? I’m guessing that cut into your commission? if so that REALLY SUCKS!

Sadly I see this every so often. I had a customer once that thought I was ripping her off because she figured out that the two of us were making $100 an hour and she thought that was to much. I asked if it had taken 3 times as long as I had thought would I be entitled to charge more? “Of course not” was the reply I got. Once I got the check she was asking about the next cleaning and asking if it would be cheaper since I knew how long it would take? I said no and offered to give her the name of another wcer I knew that did cheap work. She said she didn’t want cheap she wanted good and cheap. I simply told her you can have good or cheap but not both. She called back in the following spring but I was “booked”.

Thats a pain in the a**.

Make sure he can see from your point of view that it is in both your interest, and his, that you finish work quickly…i.e you make your money quickly, whilst he then has you ready to move on to the next job rather than just hanging around for the sake of hanging around.

Surely he must know that a small % of clients will always be picky about things like this and will go out of their way to cause as much hassle as possible to people…

Ask him if he would have spent longer on the job if doing it himself.
If he says yes then he is admitting he is a slow worker
And no then hewould have fallen victim to the complaint himself.
In saying all of this i am presuming the job was carried out well by yourself and due care and dilegence was taken while the job was being carried out.

But most of all what i pick up from this post is the fact that you need to get away from this job where you work as an employee.I know its hard going out on your own full time but being you own boss is sooo much better than being in a position where you are answeable to a jerk boss.

You have your own part time company so clearly the initiative and entrepreneurial streak is there…now its only a matter of building upon it.

Of course evey ones circumstances are different and perhaps you cannot move out on your own just yet…fair enough, but all i am saying is take the leap sooner than later.

he knows hes a slower paced worker and this has only happened once. he cut the price to $150 and no he didnt cut my commission cuz i had already been paid. it seems as if some people get a little insecure at the fact a wc is makin more than they are sometimes.

i would love to just work for myself , but bein this is my first season i dont have enough work to support the bills i have so i need to work for these other guys in the mean time.

Was it Dan Fields that said: “Price, Quality or Service - choose 2 out of the 3.”

Yeah he did but I believe price couldn’t be included w/ the other two. He said it in a way that really drove the point home I just wish I could remember.

I have to agree with Doug here, the price was agreed upon before the job was started no matter how long it took. Thats like telling a builder that it only took 6 months to build my house rather than eight so he should lower the price. He never should have dropped the price, period…

just deal with it now until you go full time with your own company.

This is why we all went into business for ourselves right?

so we can do whatever we want and charge whatever we want.

I am stunned to see your boss take a loss from that. A quoted price is exactly what it is. Not a “if we get done in x time it is $______”

It is a tough situation (thankfully I have never been involved in), but buyers remorse happens in a lot of businesses- both product and service based.

As you grow your business you will come across issues that make this seem like nothing… be prepared.

If this is true, your boss is a soft. He can’t stand up to the customer.

I’m thinking maybe your boss lied, the customer may have complained but he didn’t lower the price and he kept the extra money himself. But hey, I may be way off.

imo the bid is wut it is whether i get it done in 2 or 5 hours with a good job done does it matter?

Your Absolutely right.

As a manager your boss should be able to persuade the customer that the job was carried out by you so quickly due to the fact that you are a superior cleaner…he must assure her that the job was carried out to a high level of quality also.

When he starts that business of refunding, he is instantly admitting negligence in work by offering a refund.
Word travels far and wide i believe and it wouldn’t surprise me if you find customers in the surrounding neighborhoods try that trick and claim their job was also carried out “too quickly” in an attempt to reduce the charge.

In fairness they will probably believe that the job was carried out badly seeing as your boss compensated a complaining individual.

He should have, in my view demanded full payment as it is unlikely the customer will return anyhow.
Don’t ever be too flustered where a customer makes a complaint where they obviously don’t know what they are talking about.Obviously where there are alot of complaints then you do have a problem…there’s always one customer out there who blames the window cleaner because they are having a bad day or the wife’s ran off with the milk man or whatever.

Time to fire this boss.

first thing boss asked the customer was " how do the windows look" and both times they said they looked great. my boss did say that he was afraid of losing the customer, but now hes gonna have to do the work for $50 cheaper and i certainly wont do that job i told him.