How to do this?

I got a kinda mid rise job yesterday. People called me up and asked to bid it, as I was sitting in my underwear on Sat. I threw some clothes on and ran over to bid it. Called them back up and got the job.

But there’s a small problem…I don’t have a pole 30ft+ or a ladder that tall. I called a WC buddy in the area and he’s going to lend me a 40ft ladder and that should do it. Any advice on using this kinda ladder???

I’d prefer to use a pole.

It doesn’t look that tall in the pic from the angle I was standing, but believe me, it is.
Also the terrain around it is not totally stable, that’s another reason why I want to use a pole.

It’s gonna get pressured cleaned Mon & Tue, so I’m on for Wed.

All 3 other sides a basically the same. The other side is a bit steeper.

What would you do?

That looks like it has a good bit of silicon staining ( if you look around the edges.)

A ladder will probably be needed to get that off.

Be safe… Get a spotter to work with you for the day.

How do you get that silicon staining off?

Do you think they would be willing to reschedule while you order a pole? I know an Ettore back-flip would be perfect for that job. (thank god the windows don’t have 6" ledges, aren’t indoors, and surrounded by 2008 Corvettes like a job I did last weak… whew, but that’s another story)
I don’t know anything about silicon staining though.

No rescheduling :frowning:
A new company is moving in by the sounds of it and it’s gotta be done ASAP.

A 40’ ladder is a two person operation unless you are He-Man. Have a spotter like Chris said. Good Luck.

Have you considered renting a 40’ ladder instead? Not sure what liabilities there might be if something goes wrong using a borrowed ladder. But on the other hand, not sure of the liabilities of using a rented ladder either. I just know I don’t lend out ladders.

I have had similar staining to deal with on a job before and got rid of it using 0000 steel wool (after wetting the window with your soap solution of course). Anyone have any other suggestions?

Have you used any solutions before?

I hoped it to be a 5-6 hour day, but now it sounds like it may take longer using a ladder and scrubbing each stain :frowning:

I would honestly rather use a pole.
Should I charge extra to remove the stains, and how much more? Does it take long to remove them, or is it a quick thing?

If you are removing those stains i would charge about 1 1/2 more.

You might be there for 2 days ya know

how much did you bid that job for?

Oh no.

They have a strict budget and I bid it for just window cleaning. After I called them and they agreed for me to do it they told the max amount they could spend on window cleaning…I was only like $15 short of their budget.

What should I do?
Should I just do what they want since it was clearly stated what their budget for the year is for WC?
OR should I try to sell it. 1 1/2 more is a lot for this job, but then again I would only need to do it once.
But again, they have a strict budget.

I would present the fact that your price is for cleaning only (as requested), and would not include surface restoration.

Then, ask them when their future budget could accommodate your restoration service charges.

that’s good. Thanks I’ll use that.

Hey I’ve heard the the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser scrubbing sponges are good at getting that type of silicon of the glass. You can find them at Lowes, Wal-mart, Home Depot, etc.

You’d better get someone to help you with that ladder. I have a 40’ fiberglass ladder, and it’s a beast. But from the looks of it, the glass is only about 24’ high. You might be able to do it all with a pole so long as you have the reach from the un-even terrain.

Good-Luck. Let us know how it goes.

I was supposed to do it this week, but in FL we had a stupid tropical depression called “fay”, and now it’s moved to next week and maybe going to be moved to the following week. It’s going to rain Tue-Sat here :frowning: That’s a lot of route make-up!

Glad I heard about the magic eraser, I’ll give it a shot and tell you how it works!

If you need help. I have wfp set up and can show you some tricks for stains.

I can also repel off of the top.

You have my #


Really? That would be such a help :smiley:
How’s Fay going for ya…I hate it

We got a little rain…a little wind…and a lot of hype. Now? Every window is our State is t-r-a-s-h-e-d :slight_smile:

Fay has out moved the weather guys from day one. Now she may boomerang back into Jacksonville as a Cat 1. Until now, no hurricane has ever done what she has done.

Lemme know if you want the help…and when.

Will work something out we can both be happy with.

Brilliant, Larry. I like that a lot.

If you need the money, take it, if you dont need the money, i would pass…