How to get email addresses

Hi there

I have around 600 customers in my database, very complete database, lots of info there - past services, amounts charged, window count, house details, name of pets, homeowner hobbies, etc … but it lacks of email addresses.

the previous owner did a great job gathering all that info and keeping it up to date, but he didn’t knew how to get that info from the customer, or worse, he didn’t realize how valuable that can be in terms of marketing.

What do you guys do or recommend me to do in order to get those emails ?

I was thinking, based on research I did on this board, to make some sort of “comment card” or “rate our services” kind of form, and include a field for email address.

Any advice will be appreciated.

On my biz card I have my e-mail addy and at the time of service I ask if they would mind giving me their e-mail as sometimes it can be hard playing phone tag in setting up future appointments.

Just ask, I never have a problem

Simple as that. Any customer that gives up their phone number usually won’t balk at giving up the e-mail. Just reassure them that you don’t share contact information with any other companies.

When on the phone or face to face at an appointment with them simply ask. Go with something like, “You know, we offer discounts and specials through email. Do you have an address you’d like to provide me with so you can be made aware of these great deals?”

Most people will gladly give that up. Also, you could try the comment card offering a % off next service if they return the card. Then an * saying card must be filled out completely (with a valid email address) to be eligible for the discount. Then simply put a line for an email address.