How to get into window washing and rope access?

Hello, I’m Robert… This is my first post. I’ve been reading a lot of threads and I’ve seen a lot of questions that will be similar to mine—so please excuse the redundancy—in respect to getting my foot in the door. But I also realize that the advice given depends on the situation where details are vital pieces to the puzzle.

I’m recently out of service and I’ve had an on-going dream that when I did separate, I’d open my own pressure washing business. Now that I’ve separated, I have yet to open that business, but I am well into the planning process. My main issue is the lack of funding.

My problem is, I’ve found that I’m not very good with the public. My PW jobs turn out fine, but customers have issues with my attitude and the the way I look at them?? It’s weird. I don’t smile that much, but that shouldn’t be a reason to discredit my work. Most of these jobs I did for very little to nothing as I wanted to gain experience. Which leads to another question…

Since I don’t have the capital to open my PW business, I thought I would ‘expand’ into window cleaning… But that really didn’t make sense because my ‘business’ has yet to be open. I don’t want to take out loans … God no! I want the money in hand so I can buy the supplies to put it altogether. In the meantime, I’m now extremely motivated to get into window cleaning for 1) To learn the ‘ropes’ of the window cleaning industry 2) I originally wanted to expand into pressure-steaming/ washing exterior building facades and 3) To learn and gain experience of course.

Right now I’m in school full time. Is there anyway to get up with a window cleaning crew on a part-time basis? Or am I going to have to switch my schedule around where I work days and go to school at night? I honestly don’t even know where to start. I’ve looked for jobs in the area (Houston, Tx.) and most require 2 - 5 years experience. But then the listings go on to say they are willing to train? I’m confused. I don’t mind starting off at a low wage… But then again, what exactly is a low wage at starting off?

Thanks for taking the time to read my book.


Do you want to get a job as a window cleaner or own your own thing from the start?

If you want to get a job, call a thousand local companies. Know what you want and see if a local company can supply it.

[MENTION=206]Run[/MENTION]: I will be in school for the next four to five years, so I was hoping to get with a dependable company to gain experience. Later, after I grad, I’d like to do my own thing.

I know that a college degree is not needed for this, but I’m in accounting and would like to finish it up.

learn to smile & show appreciation to ppl or you may never get where you want
tell the closest high rise company you have extremely high work ethics & are willing & able to learn anything.

They may start you @ 10 bucks an hr
just do quality work & speed follows naturally

Thank you for the reply Joe. I’m looking into it. Looking for a safe company.