How to not stay in business

I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine saying someone dropped of a flyer saying they would do the businesses windows all 9 of them for $10 a month. I questioned him on what the flyer said, like if it was inside and out, removing window clings and reinstalling them or removing half removed old stickers? He said no just outside windows. The company is from Ogdensburg 70 miles north of here, and their business website is a very generic Yahoo based site, with not much info. I find it hard to believe this so-called cleaning company is willing to travel 70 miles one way for $10 on a job that should be $45 inside and out and that’s only after all the stuff that is on the glass is removed. Do you guys run into others that will chase a job miles away for pennies in this economy and gas prices, which BTW are around $3.75 gallon here.

Who knows?
They may have well paying accounts in the area and this is just a 'filler"

Check this thread out.

Here’s my own experience with depressed pricing.

They not be driving 70 miles back and forth. They could have a cleaner living in that area.

That $10 exterior only could be a come on for an I/O of $25 or more.

Many possible scenarios.

That is terrible that people offer those types of prices! I am willing to bet he is not traveling that distance but has someone that works for him as a sub in your area. Pays him $5! haha what a joke!