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Hello Everyone!
I am in the process of starting up my business and wanted to know how it is some of you priced out what to charge for commercial and residential jobs. Also if you wouldn’t mind, share with me a couple of ideas on how to attract business. So far i am in the making of my website, my logo is almost complete so i will have business cards soon, i plan on getting google placement soon and i plan of going door to door and putting flyers on doors. Please tell me whats worked for you. Cant wait to read your responses.
Thank you.

why wont anyone make a suggestion?

I think your post got buried.

But there have been like 10 new members ask this question in the last week. A quick search should get you going.

If you have more questions we’re all happy to help.

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Whilst some guys are happy to give out free advise to anyone and everyone, others are less so.

You dont say where you are in the world, and haven’t given any background to yourself… so your a complete stranger in these circles asking how to start up.

There is a lot of information in the archives which has been asked many many times before, so use the search feature to gain the info you need.

When you have some specific questions that a search cant locate and you show more about yourself, then your questions are more likely to get answered.

Good luck…

Why wont anyone make a suggestion?