How To Rank At The Top Of Google?

I have been trying forever to get to the top of Google and it hasn’t happened. There is a window cleaner named Justin here in San Diego whose company is called thesureshinecompany and he came up out of nowhere over these last several months and took the top spot for “San Diego Window Cleaning” He even ranks above the Google Maps listings, Him, Tory with Elitewindowwashing “very cool guy by the way” and the legend of dough’s old site streakfreesd.

I contacted Justin form the sure shine company and he told me that he got some company to do his SEO for him.

Does anyone know how to rank well on Google at the top above the maps or know someone who does SEO that can get me there? I’m willing to pay for results obviously.


Hey Mike,

Take a look at this article SEO Web Secrets Revealed « Windowpedia

This is helpful for sure however I guess I’m looking for help besides the basics of SEO for your website. More along the lines of back links, search marketing, blogs, citations, social networking, etc etc… Or a SEO company who can guarantee results.

great post

I’m sure Tory knows a guy lol.

No company can guarantee results. If they do there lying…

I have a company doing mine right now and your site is just above mine…

the sure shine site has been ranked #1 ever since i can remember and his SEO is far better than everyone else’s…

Hmm I looked at his SEO before it didn’t seem any better then anyone else but maybe I need to look again.

One thing is you both need to change your signatures to make them more search friendly. I know this forum is nofollow, but it helps.

noFollow links DO count – myth debunked | Nabtron

Mike, Justin’s “SEO” is on the borderline of black hat. I followed what his site was doing for about 3 months. His won’t stay up there for very long.

So I was wondering about your site, I saw where you were sort of doing what he was doing when I checked your back links. So can you give me any tips on what to do? I certainly don’t want to go black hat.

Going Black hat will get you knocked off Google period

I don’t want to go black hat so I will stay away from that, but there seems like there must be something besides basic SEO to get a site above the Google Maps listings. Any Ideas?

Mike - I probably know less than you when it comes to SEO, but I do know this - People who have this information aren’t going to share it with the public. Picture what it would be like if everyone knew and was doing the same thing. It’s going to cost you $ or a lot of hours researching to find this out. Find a good SEO guy and take a shot, or hit the books.

Also from what I’ve heard and read, google changes their algorithm (or whatever it’s called) quite often. A guy that knows a lot one day, may go to knowing very little the next.

I’m no expert on giving advice on this topic, but can say with confidence, I doubt someone on any forum will give us the golden ticket…

Don’t feel alone, I’m frustrated too - So I’m going to do what I always do when I feel cornered or beat = Start throwing money at it :slight_smile:

Google Places Guide

Its not that I am having trouble with Google Places, I want to get Above Google Places, I am aware that no one is going to come on here and spill the beans on what they know, I guess what I am looking for is someone who is ranking well and has an SEO guy who got them there (#1) or knows what specific things could help me and do so with a kind heart because I am not in their target area of operation. Someone who is in the San Diego area I don’t expect to share anything with me although I am willing to share what I know in return, not that it’s a lot but it is something, my ranking is not terrible, its on page one for the search terms that I want, I’m just not close enough to the top which is where I want to be.

I am sure we all have some different approaches to our ranking and somewhat the same too!

Yep, I WAS following him. See, that was my problem…I would always lurk and copy what everyone on page one or 2 was doing. Trouble is…I was always in the rearview mirror.
I like you Mike, you know I’d work for you for free if you needed it…but ain’t no way I’m giving up that little info. I love ya man, but not THAT much…

I understand Tory, You’re the coolest window cleaner I know, you have helped me on lots of things and I appreciate it. I owe you although I don’t know what I can share with you in return as your business is way ahead of mine.

Thats why I send the jobs I can’t do to you.

how bout this Mike? Do you love ME enough? There’s a fish here I want to fry… I might have to call you this off-season and take you up on that promise you made me after our last phone call.

“anything you ever want Mike… you let me know! Understand?! Anything!”

Hey were you the guy who called me about a year ago? Anyway whatever you want to know just call, I’m all for sharing, life is getting shorter everyday and I am never going to be wealthy like the peoples whose houses I clean, seems like no one in the world wants to divulge their secrets to success. I have read so many books and looked into so many things, no one tells their secrets, but I will tell mine! What little I have.

It reminds me when I was in undergrad as a Fine Artist, oil painting, and no one wanted to tell you how to really paint, no one wanted to share their recipe for painting solution, or the materials they used or their method etc etc… I finally figured out a method, a recipe, a solution and got good at it, and I shared it with my students who were interested when I was later in Grad School.

Same with window cleaning, I don’t know everything but I know enough to be in business. I have been writing a book on window cleaning, about everything I know and do for my business, and I’m thinking about posting it online for free.

I wish I knew the key to this whole thing, I do know Google recently changed. I am at the top of places for certain searches that keep our phone ringing with hardly any effort, and in the middle of page two for a certain search one month and on page one the next. Last month we were on page one for a couple other strong terms and got bumped down this month. I would suggest other methods such as direct mail, flyers and small local newspaper ads.

If you want to be successful you will. As a business we will go to any lengths to get ahead as long as those strides don’t hurt anyone else. Also page one is not automatic money, you still need to sell the calls that come in.