How to reduce the photo file size

I wanted to reduce my picture file sizes on my website because it helps with faster page loading and better seo… I came across this info on the web and it helped me alot

[B][SIZE=“4”][SIZE=“5”][FONT=“Book Antiqua”]No matter whether you call it a photo, picture, image or graphic, the file size of your photo can sometimes prevent you from emailing, uploading or adding it to a web site. Here is a simple way to reduce the file size using the software that comes with WINDOWS XP or VISTA. This instruction will use photo as the term to refer to photo, picture, image or graphic.

Step 1

Locate photo fileUse the following steps to locate and reduce the file size of the photo. Assuming your photo is located in your MY PICTURES, Click the start button and then MY PICTURES. (If you know how to locate your photo using EXPLORER, skip to step 4)

Step 2

ScrollScroll through the MY PICTURES folder until you locate the photo or the folder that the photo is in and double click it.

Step 3

Single ClickScroll to locate the picture and single click it once you find it. If the folder is set to FILMSTRIP or THUMBNAIL viewing you will be able to quickly see the photo you are looking for. Make this viewing choice by clicking on VIEW in the menu and select FILMSTRIP or THUMBNAILS.

Step 4

Right ClickUse your Mouse and right click the photo to get a MENU. Click RESIZE PICTURES in the menu.

Step 5

Resize Pictures WindowA new window will appear with file size choices listed from SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and HANDHELD PC sizes. Click to select one of the sizes and click OK and a new photo file will be made with a reduced file size.

Step 6

Reduced phot sizeThe original photo file size used in this example is 1.2 MB (~1,200,000 Bytes). I chose to change it to Medium SIZE and the photo file size is now 93.5 KB (~93,500 Bytes). (Be aware that you can select multiple files and perform the SIZE change to several photo files all at once using the steps above)

Step 7

Medium file photoThe Original photo file will not be changed using this instruction unless you check the box to modify the original photo file in the Advanced window. (Using the advanced button in step 5 allows additional editing options but are not required to reduce the size of your photo file)
Your new photo file is smaller and now ready to email or upload. Good Luck![/FONT][/SIZE][/SIZE][/B]

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