How to remove Oak sap stains

Hey guys, hope you’re all doing well.

I couldnt find the answer in the old forums so I thought I’d ask. Does anyone know how to remove oak sap stains from black plastic frames? They’re red in colour…

Peanut butter helps dissolve it so it can be removed, then clean off with dawn and water.

I actually can’t tell if you’re joking. Why peanut butter?

Yea, sorry about that, it does sound sort of funny - but peanut butter actually does work to loosen tree sap.
The oils found in peanut butter, olive oil, or some cooking oils loosens up the grip tree sap has then Dawn dish soap is great for cleaning up oily messes.
Alcohol or nail polish remover can do it also —BUT—that can ruin the finish you are trying to clean.

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Maybe one of those solutions could work. I’m pretty sure WCR carries most Titan Labs products.

Thank you that’s really helpful! Who would have thought…