How to remove oversprayed sealant on glass

I am in the middle of a 12 story construction clean up job. It is going way to slow because of whats been described as concrete sealant that was sprayed on the outer surface of the building and landed on windows. Have tried Titan green and Oil Flow which seems to help a little. Have been told that citrus based stripper product may help. Looking for advice.

I’ve done it.
6" blade and rescrubed with barkeepers on a white pad worked but, was no fun in a chair.
six floors took about 2 hours per 2 wide drop.
Of course be extremely careful with the blade, I didn’t get down to “bare glass”, I just took off most of the goo with the blade and dedetailed with the pad before final clean.

Back charge whoever didn’t cover the glass. (good luck with that… your going to hear it wasn’t “their” fault )

hope that helps a little,


Thank you.

We just did one like this at a high school. idiot mason sprayed sealer all over block walls right next to large windows and got heavy overspray all over the glass. fortunately, we were able to scrape almost every pane. we got lucky, the fabrication debris side on nearly every window was the opposite side… or should i say, the mason got lucky. the general contractor back charged the mason for the extra charge we laid on them.

for the sides we couldn’t scrape, we just steel wooled it and left it as-is. not our problem. we’ll let the mason sleep in the bed he crapped.

the important thing in a situation like this is early, clear, detailed communication with the GC. let them know what the deal is, why you can’t get this crap off, and pass the buck back to the culprit immediately.

I don’t even try to get brick sealant off. I tell the building owner and the GC that the mason damaged the windows.


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