How to respond to Emailers

Sometimes, I think I get people emailing me for pricing because they’re trying to get in the business and find out what others are charging. From time to time I get email that are very generic and to the point, no address or phone number, not much description of services they want just the cost.
I don’t know maybe I’m over-analyzing it. Maybe its paranoia. They’re are hundreds of WC’ers in my location. What would be the best way to handle a email response like that without giving too much information? I’d rather try to lure them in with advertising them instead of just giving them numbers.

Just shoot back an e-mail asking a few technical questions about their windows (# of, style etc.) and ask for their phone # so you can give them details regarding the quote. If you don’t hear back from them then they are either not serious or perhaps, as you say, just a competitor fishing for prices.

Thanks. I had an email today that seemed fishy. So I referred them to my estimate page. Haven’t heard anything yet.

Why dont you just make your prices public? I have landed sooooo many new accountants because my pricing is public. If they know what you are charging, then they know you will not rip them off.

yeah, I agree. I have landed more because I have made them public

Yeah, I’ll get right on that.