How to store WFP Brushes

I got myself a Stanley tool box to put in my filters and accessories, but last week I put my brushes in there, and today when I took’em out, the bristles were all “squished”. I don’t leave the brush on my pole for now because I don’t WFP on every jobs.

What do you suggest me to keep my brushes in good shape?

How do you store them?

I store my spare brushes in a toolbox, but make sure they are flat and that nothing presses against the bristles.

I use a plastic disposable shoe cover on them if they are dry. I keep them in a window cleaning bucket.

Thanks for the help… I’ll do that

I saw this one WC in our area that had a neat set up. It was like a board he had mounted in his van that had several holes drilled in it. He would simply slip the brush into one of the holes and the bristles went straight up. It was like a rack of brushes.

I hang the brush on a clip from its tubing in my cargo trailor. Its secure & dangles around freely & happily.

I have a PVC tube mounted up on the underside of my ladder rack. The head hangs out. Quick connects on everything.

We are focussing on this right now … we have developed ( with the inspiration of Eric Gilliand (NZ) and Logan Wilder (USA) ) a Cam Lever Clamp for the top of your angle adaptor … the male will fit all your brushes … you will then be able to release your brush easily from the pole. That begged the question 'Where to put the brushes ? ’ - so we have a mounting system being made for retail … it will be out in October, and will fit all EURO thread brushes.

We keep a bucket of DI water in the trailer to store them in after a long day. Changing the water, you can see the TDS drop, so we know we’re getting junk outta the brushes. Then we put them on a rack, facing up for longer term storage.

I have clamps mounted to my truck bed that I keep 3 brushes. The bristles do not touch anything.