How to track customers

I need to make a customer list that will be used to reproduce labels for postcards and such. Is there a program that can manipulate the list so I can save by name, street or location?

I have QuickBooks and MS Office including Word and Excel What should I use?

Ed Kuvlesky
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Hey Ed

Use word… Its pretty simple.


Tools - Letters & Mail - Envelopes & Labels

Inbox _ Labels Tab

Label Options _ Print Full Page

Select Label - Options (we pick avery 5160 it puts 30 on a sheet)

if you want individual labels click new document and type in what you want.

done deal///////////////

You can use TCF to make labels? Can you teach me how?

Call me up anytime, and i will show you my friend.

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agreed! CF is great!

Glad you like it Doug #2.

Hows business for you?

What should Ed do in his situation assuming he is not a Customer Factor user?

he is screwed i guess, the only other option is cut and paste in ms word label template.

gotta love thecustomerfactor.

you can make labels with service ceo right Chris???

My advice would be sign up for customer factor, since he was asking about a program to better track customers. From what I understand, when you sign up you should be able to easily port over all over your clients from excel (if that is how you are keeping track of them now) CF also has an ad on feature (that I haven’t used yet, but am considering) that actually sends out thank you cards or reminder cards to all of your customers with basically just a click of the mouse. that could be real handy as well.

Yes you can Doug…

I did enjoy our chat a few weeks back.However, this is something many here could use.

Can you explain here?

it takes to long to explain,

better to do it over the phone,


good to know.

i thought you guys were looking for some other software to use?

Im always looking. We havent found anything remotely suitable yet though. That and all our data is locked inside. I did some math and figured out that I would need to hire 12 professional data entry people to work a full month to get everything out manually. As the clock ticks by the amount of man hours to get the data out slowly increases as we punch in more and more data every day.

The data entry people will eventually be my escape… Its just a matter of to what and when.

Takes too long for whom?

By what method is your current list stored?

I’m using quickBooks now but my needs are a list of not customers but mailing list to potential customers. I want to create this list from one I have written and enter it as a electronic document so I can manipulate it and print labels from the new e document. EDK

Ed what format is your prospective customer list stored in?

I want to make this file of customers and addresses print on a sheet of labels 30 per sheet. I want to use Word or Excel. Will this print each page on the sheet of labels?

Would this be better done on a spreadsheet?

Can I highlight and then print the highlighted ones?

Can I select by street only to send to all the those on a specific street?

Any help is appreciated, I’m somewhat an idiot when setting this stuff up.