How would you clean these entries?

So I am bidding a few large commercial properties and one building has me a little stumped. It has these two entries that I am not 100% sure how to clean. As you can see in the pictures, the windows go up then back and then back again.

Anyone have any ideas?

Waterfed pole for the outside cleaning.

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Rope access or lift would be your viable options imo, they look too bad to WFP even with a WFP you would have zero pressure on the top stuff.

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To avoid renting a lift, I’d probably ask if there’s a roof access. I’d tie off and WFP the top windows from the roof. Then from the ground WFP the mid & lower section next.

That’s an idea. I have never tried tieing off from the roof. Do you have a link with more info? That would be something I would be interested in the future.

Yeah I felt like I wouldn’t be able to WFP the windows that go back very well due to no pressure.