How would you clean this?

Just curious how one would clean this.

I’d use one of these.

If one of these don’t work. I found this works just as good as that.

Every time I use those methods I get poor results. Look at these before and afters.





Obviously you didn’t use this brush.

am i missing something?..

the process is clearly described here.

I don’t think I would use that process try this one[COLOR=“#0000CD”] here[/COLOR], and maybe this tool would work better…Just my .02.

Dang. You know I tried to tap on that “link” like 5 times? Thought my finger just wasn’t lining up on the screen properly. Earlier, I thought I just couldn’t see the pictures from my phone. Well played :wink:

In order to see the pictures you have to click here:

Hey [MENTION=4]AlexLacey [/MENTION] this is great app for lining up your finger to your touch screen on your phone, here’s the [COLOR="#0000CD"]link[/COLOR]. I hope this helps for next time.