How would you clean this?

How would you clean these? The fake doors have fake grills. I am worried about the habitual dripping from each fake divide. I will not be using a ladder, but am planning on a WFP for this. The grills on the windows are between the panes, so not worried about them. They are supposedly PW once per year, but they are dirty enough that the tenants have complained. I have the opportunity to flyer well over a hundred of these condos, as I already do work for the owner. Most of the tenants can not clean the windows that you see here, which is the back of the buildings. Not sure what I should charge. There are 2 other DH on the front. I am thinking about a $99 special. Any helpful ideas for how and how much would be great.

Ok, so I really didn’t think that this was a stupid question. 137 people read this post. :confused:

It probably just got buried.

How are the condo’s set up? Does the ground level door represent one condo?

You can wfp the fake grids, just rinse the heck out of them!

Each door is for one condo. So you think that heavy rinsing with a WFP would wash out all the dirt behind the grill and prevent dirt from running?

I would THINK so, but that’s a really weird set up. Who puts doors on the 2nd and 3rd floor?

The super says they were supposed to have decks. I am surprised this meets fire code.

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WOW!! I hope they nailed those door shut then. Sheesh.

Humm, if the doors open inward… it would make this a super easy job.

WFP…Rinse Rinse and Rinse.

unless the glass a not been maintained in years then you might have to go nose to glass.

Builder ran out of money… WFP, maybe a bit of soap on the brush, rinse really well